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Author Topic: CBN: Sweden is on the fast tract to become a 3rd world country

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The former home of Vikings, this tiny nation once took over huge territories in what is now the Baltics and Russia. It is the country credited with saving Protestant Northern Europe during the 30 years war. Today Sweden is deemed “The Rape Capital of Europe” because there is virtually no punishment for Muslim immigrants who commit rape. This website has documented cases where Muslim immigrants have been sentenced to community service for gangraping minors.

The Socialist regime in Sweden is losing support among ethnic Swedes. In an attempt to cling to power, they have thrown open the doors to Muslims. They know that most Muslim immigrants will vote Socialist, because the Socialists promise them free stuff. The Swedish Socialists have invited the entire nation of Syria to move to Sweden. They have promised to let anyone from Syria, or with forged Syrian documents, stay in Sweden if they can reach Sweden’s border. There are almost twice as many Syrians in Syria than Swedes in Sweden.

Sweden is even giving free houses to Muslim immigrants. Swedes who own two houses are being ordered by the government to sell one, to drive down the price of houses.

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Re: CBN: Sweden is on the fast tract to become a 3rd world country
« Reply #1 on: 01 January 2015 at 10:09 »
 >:( Holland, UK, France, Sweden all nations that tolerate what shouldn't be tolerated! It is just so sad!
 I have been to Sweden and I thought it was one of the better nations in Europe to live in, very clean living.
However these people are easily lead in all kinds of things.. infact it is more like America in a lot of ways.

Well all I can say is if there are any Swedish women who want to marry and have kids that are reading this we can set up a dating scheme for those white women who want to leave and Marry a Nationalist man in another white nation.
The Price is Reich!

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