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Author Topic: The World Falls Apart, Hold Fast to the Spooks: Logic of a Christian

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After the sack of Rome by the Gothic king Alaric in the year 410, the (now largely mongrelised) Romans were so shocked by this humiliation that they considered abandoning Christianity. They reasoned that perhaps Christianity, with its emphasis on ‘pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die’ and ‘lay not up treasures on earth, lay up treasures in heaven’ was responsible for the fall of their great empire. A no-brainer, you might think. Up steps a proper ‘brain-box’ by the name of Augustine, who wanted to reassure the Christian faithful and converts to this suicidal death cult that rather than contributing towards the decline of Rome, Christianity had in fact been responsible for its success. Forget the fact that the greatest Roman leaders and thinkers were pagans and the height of Roman pre-eminence came during the earlier period, before Jewish Christianity gripped hold of and perverted their minds. So this Augustine fellow, seemingly a mongrel himself, got to work on his ‘magnum opus’ (greatest work), ‘The City of God,’ in which he defended the faith from these ‘god-hating’ accusations. This work would later be held up as a ‘cornerstone of Western thought,’ as the author prattles on tiresomely about a lot of spooky nonsense that troubled the minds of the most gullible and superstitious of the mongrelised Romans. And what did this ‘great work’ have to offer? Well, according to the description on Wikipedia, the following:

‘The sack of Rome by the Visigoths in 410 left Romans in a deep state of shock, and many Romans saw it as punishment for abandoning traditional Roman religion for Catholic Christianity. In response to these accusations, and in order to console Christians, Augustine wrote The City of God, arguing for the truth of Christianity over competing religions and philosophies and that Christianity is not only not responsible for the Sack of Rome, but also was responsible for the success of Rome. He attempted to console Christians, writing that, even if the earthly rule of the Empire was imperiled, it was the City of God that would ultimately triumph. Augustine's eyes were fixed on Heaven, a theme of many Christian works of Late Antiquity, and despite Christianity's designation as the official religion of the Empire, Augustine declared its message to be spiritual rather than political. Christianity, he argued, should be concerned with the mystical, heavenly city, the New Jerusalem—rather than with earthly politics.’

Okay, so the world - the *real world* - is falling apart around your ears, marauding tribes are looting, raping and burning down your cities, and the best ‘consolation’ this ‘great priest’, this ‘Church Father’ has to offer is this: ‘Let’s not worry too much about the real world. Don’t worry if your cities and civilisation is burned to the ground and your families are raped, murdered and starved. Let’s meander off and indulge in mysticism and fantasy and let god sort it out. We’ll have our heavenly “New Jerusalem” don’t you know, if we can just keep the faith.’ How *CRAZY* can you get? And we wonder why the Roman Empire collapsed in a miserable shambles and the White Race wallowed in the Dark Ages for a thousand years? Could it get any more obvious, people?

Now if *only* the great White Romans had a militant Racial Religion in the early stages of their civilisation; a religion based on reality, rather than playing games with frivolous non-existent spooks like Jupiter, Venus and Apollo. A religion that emphasised Racial Loyalty, Racial Teamwork, Racial Solidarity, Racial Separation, and urged adherents to strive for the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Roman race. Can you imagine what a glorious civilisation could still be in existence today if the Romans had not been mongrelised and the White Race had not atrophied for a thousand years of the Dark Ages? It would be a wonderful marvel to behold. This is why we Creators promote a Racial Religion for White people, in order to straighten out the thinking of our people and avert the horrible tragedy that befell Rome and other White civilisations. Instead of indulging in fantasies, let us face the real problems in this world head on, promote and expand our Holy Creed and work towards building a Whiter and Brighter World. My thought for the day.

"We go back to the basic Laws of Nature : Take Care of Your Own, Love your Own. Hate your Enemies, Destroy your Enemies. The Law of Survival of your own kind is the Highest Law of Nature and Transcends All Others" - Ben Klassen



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