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Author Topic: Not Just Ferguson: Protests/Race Riots Scheduled for 83 Cities

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Everyone knows the government, with its lapdog mainstream media in lockstep, has whipped up the Ferguson situation into a total frenzy. It doesn’t matter what the grand jury decides now. Fear and anger are very powerful weapons and everyone who has allowed the powers that (shouldn’t) be to steer their emotions on this one has taken the bait. The cops have stocked up on nearly $200k worth of riot gear, less-lethal ammunition and the like. Ferguson residents have been advised to go get guns because the cops won’t be able to protect them all from what’s coming. Firearm sales in the area have skyrocketed. Everyone is on edge. Missouri’s governor has now preemptively declared a 30-day state of emergency and called out the National Guard — and the grand jury hasn’t even made it’s decision yet! Basically, it’s on. Ferguson, however, is not the only city set to hold protests immediately following the Darren Wilson grand jury announcement. Actually, they aren’t even being referred to as protests anymore. They are now being called “planned responses.”

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