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Author Topic: Peter Reynolds on Corrupt Government Attack on Already Non-existent Free Speech

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I agree with this from Peter Reynolds, even though I disagree strongly with his insane views on the supposed ‘benefits’ of cannabis.

‘Even before Theresa May delivers another speech of hatred, prejudice and bile at the Tory Party conference, the dreadful news is out. Cameron himself has trailed it and blatantly, unashamedly, these two oppressors of British democracy plan to restrict our freedom of speech and thought in a way never before contemplated.

Cameron explicitly states that it is not just about committing or inciting violence, it is about holding “extremist views”. All that the Home Secretary has to have is “reasonable suspicion” that people hold views she does not agree with or dislikes and she may lock them up.

This must be stopped. It is the greatest ever betrayal of the British people and Cameron and May have demonstrated conclusively that they are not fit to be in government. They are hoist on their own petard for their ideas are as extremist as any other and if such legislation is introduced, they should be the first to be arrested and charged.’


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The laws would be used to silence us, even while the Muslim and Christian "Hate Preachers" continue as if nothing has happened as is their right under Freedom of Speech and religious freedom laws. Both of which we are already refused. And IF they are driven off the streets, they will only be driven underground. It wont stop Muslims recruiting, but it will prevent your average White from taking note and understanding that these so-called "Moderates" are as much a danger as any Muslim can ever be.

As for the cannabis: It does have its medical benefits. So bring it under government control and allow doctors to decide who needs it and we help to undermine the drug industry - both the legal and and the illegal.

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The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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