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Author Topic: The poor NT paramedics!

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The poor NT paramedics!
« on: 05 January 2014 at 02:59 »

DARWIN ambos are forced to call for police help in almost 10 per cent of all call-outs, a senior paramedic says. 
St John Ambulance NT special projects co-ordinator Peter Monks, a 33-year veteran of the service, told the NT News there were on average 12 cases out of 130 in Greater Darwin each day that paramedics deemed too dangerous to go it alone.

Mr Monks said situations for which police were required nearly always involved alcohol and, to a lesser extent, drugs.

There are "known" addresses or patients for whom paramedics will always consider police back-up.
Mr Monks said on other occasions, dangerous situations were picked up by officers taking the initial call; or assessed as dangerous on scene, when, for example, a patient or family member may be raging against assistance.

He said physical assaults were rare - maybe five or six cases in the average year - but stories of verbal abuse, intimidation and other forms of violence, such as spitting, came back to headquarters almost daily.

"We go see people when they are at a very high level of stress," Mr Monks said.

"For many of these people, this is their most significant emergency in their lives and they can get upset."

While philosophical about their work, St John's top brass are about a year into a zero-tolerance campaign, which has involved posters inside ambulances and regular communication with indigenous community leaders.

Feedback had been positive, but sometimes, Mr Monks said, paramedics simply had to be tough.

"You've got to have a thick skin," he said.

If the Abos want to assault the paramedics they should just leave and call the cops first, let the other abo suffer , dumb animals! Shouldn't be allowed to be supplied drink like the old days but because of the UN we have to have "equality" in drinking rights for the abos.

The Price is Reich!

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