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Author Topic: The Walmart and American Standard.......

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The Walmart and American Standard.......
« on: 14 December 2013 at 19:46 »
Today at walmart as I was counting pregnant mexican women, and reaching the count of 8; a huge butch of a woman casually turned and sneezed on me. Her slime oozed down my shoulder and left cheek. No excuse me. No apologies. Just the squeaking of her cart as she waddled away. I was paralyzed with fear and anger. What could I do, she was a woman afterall. But if I did tackle her and rain down some haymakers, it would have been a fair fight. I promise you that, because she was Craigslist 'casual encounter' huge. The kind of woman whose picture you click on and instantly vomit across your keyboard and monitor.

And that's my point. All standards of life have crumbled. Decency. Commom manners. Self worth. And most importantly, self pride. I mean how many buffet restaurants had this woman bent her fork at? Obesity reigns supreme. Being uninformed is cool. Std's? Living off the government? All acceptable and no longer shameful. The only thing sadder is that poor kleenex I had to use to wipe up my wonderful experience at walmart.



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