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Author Topic: Basics of old school holistic "magic" medicine

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Basics of old school holistic "magic" medicine
« on: 09 October 2013 at 01:17 »
Quick Digest:   Different foods fed to different animals cause unique enzymes and compounds to be created from/in the bodies filtering organs.

I was just reminded of something and I wanted to make a quick post about it here.

It probably won't be of any real use to anyone but it is good to know.

This would probably be considered fringe holistic, and it can get to be a big nasty, but its good to know where to look for the hard core old medicine.

Ok, every creature needs to eat, in fact every cell of every creature needs to eat.

In consequence, every creature needs to filter that food and get rid of the waste.

Not everything digests things the same way, look at lactose digestion between in humans.

To help break down, filter, and make use of diff materials, some creatures make special enzymes on occasion, that they wouldn't otherwise, to do this. Its tough to tell which creatures would produce what enzymes until those materials are introduced. (example not available right now)

Sometimes when these enzymes or compounds are created, they have some kind of medicinal use. For example, some parasites fecal matter contains compounds that treat asthma.

I don't know the technical terms for what I'm explaining here, maybe someone with these interests will find this an interesting  platform to go forward in their search from.

Usually in western medicine we are looking for the exact chemical/molecule signature the treatment or cure is found in. 

For example.. if molecule signature 155 cures asthma western medicine is interested in just getting what it needs to have a pure as possible 155 molecule signature. The problem is that to get that 155 signature you usually end up getting that signature and a lot of other stuff that is included with having to obtain that. The trick is cleaning it up. The problem is that not every "signature" can be created by mixing chemicals in the lab and there is no known way of cleaning up the recipe..

For example, lets say a special breed of horse can cure cancer when its fed a special kind of vegetable.. the only problem is that for this compound to be created the horses urine needs to ferment so that bacteria can eat the vegetable waste, in combination with an enzyme from the horse.  The bacterias waste will then contain the compound you are looking for.

Unfortunately, you now have to find a way to get this compound out of the toxic brew its sitting in..  unless you find yourself brave enough to guzzle the fermented horse urine (not fda approved LOL) in hopes that you get a good enough dose of what you were looking for.

I hope this has expanded your knowledge of medicine. Everything we have comes from nature, if it is not from nature directly it was processed from something in nature that has a little bit of what was desired and a lot of something that wasn't desired. Hold it together with some wax and its retail ready.. in a very simplified explanation.
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