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Author Topic: Silencing Dissent / Australian Government silences it's citizens with red tape

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I have just come across this book published at the end of the Howard era.
The book is worth a read and is about how the Australian Government uses its "red tape tools of trade" to silence Australian citizens
"Silencing Dissent" by Clive Hamilton and Sarah Maddison

What are the costs when a Government tries to ensure that it's values are the  only values heard in public debate? What are the consequences for a nation whose citizenry is denied essential information that would allow them to develop an informed opinion about controversial policies?
The editors of the book documented 300 non-government organisations that expressed strong views about the way in which Governments subdued often critical voices.

The tactics used are :- bullying, threats to withdraw funding, harassment, intimidation and public denigration. The threats at times came directly from minister's offices.

 Other tactics  include threats to destroy the financial viability of dissenting organisations, appointment of party functionaries or friends to key positions, strict interpretation of laws governing the release of information and the targeting of individuals with intense scrutiny from Government bodies like the ATO and Centrelink.

The methods are often personal and people singled out for vilification and slander.
The book takes the next step in documenting how the Government progressively dismantles the democratic process that create the capacity for public debate and accommodate dissenting opinions.

The mass material of the book reflects a systematic strategy by Government to mute opposition to it's policy and control public opinion.

The material in the book argues that the Government is pervaded by an intolerant and anti-democratic sentiment, one that is at times given an ideological justification, which reflects a belief that it has the right to behave in whatever ways it finds appropriate.
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Just read through the first few pages. Interesting stuff and its a reminder that this practice of denigrating public figures/organisations who espouse views which hinder government operations may well happen everywhere around the world. White racialist are at the receiving end for this practice more than anyone it seems and the libtards, whilst deeming that this practice shouldn't occur in a democracy, will agree with any and all means to silence the white racists.
'United and organised the white race is more powerful than all of our enemies combined.'


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