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Author Topic: Varg Vikernes Arrested by Thought Police: Uses Creativity as a Scapegoat

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Has anyone actually written to him yet and gotten a reply since he made these remarks?

There was quite some lengthy discourse between Varg and a few of us Creators and supporters of Creativity. It started when Varg made these inflammatory remarks on his blog and a few of us debated him. He blocked comments to that particular blog post and deleted some comments after telling everyone that if we believe in evolution we must also believe that we are eventually going to become Aborigines living here in Australia.  ::)

He then went and posted a blog about 'white supremacists' targeting White Racialists like us who follow Creativity. I pretty much left it at that realising that he is in fact quite a misguided individual spending most of his life behind bars and not out in the real world. I had always loved Burzum and respected Varg and was pretty disappointed to have the only time I actually made contact with him in a debate regarding White Racialism of all things.

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I hope everyone has smashed their Burzum records?
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