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Author Topic: Coons deliberately break the law, to party in gaol with their bruddas.

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ABORIGINAL people will go out and "smash a window" just to get an airconditioned room in youth detention, visit family and get three meals a day, an indigenous politician has said.

Stuart MLA Bess Price said many of her relatives and friends were in youth detention - despite her best efforts to keep them out of trouble.

"We try our best to encourage our young people ... don't drink and don't get yourself into trouble because you will go to jail," she said.

"They turn around and tell us 'it's all right Aunty. Jail is all right because we're only in there for a short time'."

They get looked after. They're all mates in there," she said.

"Why would they want to be out in the 45C hot day, outside, when they could be in there in the airconditioned room surrounded by family?"

Ms Price said she supported the CLP's policy of mandatory rehabilitation and wanted to see more programs to help prisoners.

Her calls were backed by Indigenous Advancement Minister Alison Anderson who said she also knew people who were not deterred by the thought of going to prison.

"In winter you'll get people committing crimes just to get a warm bed," she said.

"They tell us they like going to jail because they get three meals a day (and) they're there with their brothers and sisters."


That really just sums up just how retarded this race is! Explains why the cops are burnt out in the NT and they have issues finding good Police who'll stick the job out without going mental. Explains why the Gaols are full and explains why there is a need for more facilities and harder laws!
Sounds like these animals are using the Gaol as a party house rather than a penalty institution.

Hey at least the Abbos can't drink in there and are out of everyone else's way!How about they just sterilise them once they got them in there so this isn't a future problem?
The Price is Reich!

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