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Author Topic: Blacks Murder White Family: Shoot Parents & Drown 12 Year-Old Boy

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This just barely made it into the news in Australia. Had the racial positions been reversed ....

Robbers drown boy, 12, in scalding water

Two black South African men animals are facing jail after breaking into a White couple's house, shooting them dead and drowning their 12-year-old son in a bath of scalding water so he could not identify them.

A Johannesburg court heard Patrick Petrus Radebe, 24, and Sipho Mbele, 21, raped Geraldine Viana before shooting her and her husband Tony and drowning their son Amaro on October 1, Beeld newspaper reports.

 Radebe, the family's gardener, and Mbele, their servant's son, pleaded guilty to three charges of murder and one each of rape while a third man, David Motaung, 20, pleaded guilty to robbery.

They went to the bathroom, filled the bath with scalding water and forced 12 year old Amaro to lie in it face down with his arms and feet tied. [more ...]
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