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Author Topic: Head of Wagner Family Turns Race-Traitor

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Head of Wagner Family Turns Race-Traitor
« on: 02 August 2012 at 04:50 »
Wagners At War Over Nazi Past

Daily Mail (Britain)

A feud has broken out between members of the Wagner opera family in Germany as the leader of the clan threatens legal action unless they co-operate with a 'moral house cleaning' aimed at de-Nazifying the world's leading opera festival. Katharina Wagner, who now directs the annual Bayreuth Festival of Richard Wagner's operas, wants family members to turn over every document they have in a bid to exorcise the ghosts of the Third Reich - including 'potentially explosive' letters penned by Hitler to Winifred Wagner, the Englishwoman who became head of the family in wartime.


What percentage of the Wagner family fortune is maintained up by Naziphiles? How much have you contributed the Wagner family fortune? Now that the Wagner has a Judeophile at its head, do you really want to continue your contributions? After all, why would anyone willingly be so obtuse as to want to contribute to the finances of those that have declared themselves to be your enemy? Be it one-dollar or a thousand-dollars, money will never change your enemy for the better. Even if you can do no actual harm to your enemy, you can at the very least watch them wither and die like wild grapes on the vine.

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Re: Head of Wagner Family Turns Race-Traitor
« Reply #1 on: 03 September 2012 at 21:41 »
Whilst I have most of Wagners works and occasionally listen them I think the Wagner legacy is old baggage now. It belongs with the nazi-Germanic world view which while a great source of inspiration, entertainment, culture , learning and knowledge is a bit irrelevant in the modern day and is of little help in fighting the global jewish conspiracy. In many respects nazism is a lesson in what not to do as well as what works in terms of organisation and making successful propaganda. As  Creators we learn from the lessons and mistakes of history. The overall mythos I find in Wagner is of tragedy and self immolation. Not much really to inspire the resurrection and redemption of the White Man. Sometimes I even wonder is this one of the reasons the third Reich ended in flames, disaster and tragedy: the end scene in a dramatic pointless Wagnerian opera?
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