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Author Topic: UN: Whites to Return Stolen Indigenous Land! Go Home to MULTIRACIAL Europe?

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Canada's as useless as Alaska. Even if Whites outnumber muds, half the country is frozen for a majority of the year, and they have already divided it along racial grounds. That leaves Australia. Same land mass as the USA, and although it has its racial boundries dividing the nation, they will never be to the same extent as Canada ... and the place isn't a majority frozen land mass for most of the year. Desert can always be reclaimed with technology these days, so that's no longer a problem. At 22 million vs the USA's 350 plus million, there is plenty of room for a massive influx of Whites, plenty of new frontiers to take possession of, and bugger all to deport. It all depends if Australia will ignore UN orders when the time comes. To date, they have a history of ignoring anything UN related they don't like - and that includes orders to hand over land to the Abos at White expense.

LOL No, I wont delete the comment about Albania. Albanian Creators have said the same as you regarding their own nation. None seem to be particularly proud of being Albanian. They know what the JOG has encouraged the muds there to do to other former White nations in the Balkans and are ashamed of it.

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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Our Religion states that "This planet is all ours" every last square foot of it. Nature recognises no morality or justice...only survival,.
Racial expansion, colonisation, even genocide are all legitimate in the eyes of Nature. The winner takes all.
At the end of the day every race is in conflict with every other race. Only the White Race is unaware of theis reality. All the other races know this and they also know our weak point and Achilles heal. Our weak point is our sense of fair play, justice and general decency. It is this that they target.

Ultimately it is nonsense (the article in question) .So long as people are well fed and sated the urge to survive will not be triggered. It is just another stick to beat the White Race with.

In fact there are more red niggers now than there ever were...over 4 million bred by the White Mans generous and idiotic welfare programmes. Compare this with the 1 million red niggers that lived in the geographic united states 300 years ago.

As for mongoloids....these originated in Mongolia about 8,000 years ago and on learning  agriculture from the White Race expanded rapidly driving out the original polynesian type population from the whole of mainland China and Taiwan. They then expanded down into Indo China and Indonesia driving the aboriginal populations there to extinction..and so it goes on. Racial competition is a fact of life and Nature. The White Race just needs to rise to the challenge.
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