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Author Topic: Who Really Discovered America?

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Who Really Discovered America?
« on: 29 July 2011 at 02:23 »
On Columbus

Quote from: Hidden to Guests
I think you might find this amusing.

The Encyclopedia Judaica is published in Israel every few years. Before 1992 there would be a few pages about Columbus which claimed he was really Jewish. There were several documents presented and other facts presented in this article. When the 500th anniversery of the 1492 expeditioin took place there were a number of authors who claimed the Columbus was guilty of genoicide against the native peoples. The next edition of the encyclopedia publish a few years later attacked the idea that he was Jewish. The article actually said that to claim he was Jewish was to slander the Jewish people.

Unfortunately, there is too much evidence showing he was a Spanish Jew and not an Italian and many of his crew members were Jewish. But the Jewish community no longer boasts about Columbus.

It's the standard Jewish operating procedure. If little or nothing is known of a famous personality sufficiently displaced in time for the facts to be as near as or non-existent, the Jew will claim that person as his own. Even going to the extent of declaring it anti-Semitic to deny his or her Jewish heritage. When culture changes and that person is denounced as a genocidal monster as has been done with Columbus, it becomes anti-Semitic to even suggest that the now infamous historical personality is a Jew.

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Re: Who Really Discovered America?
« Reply #1 on: 29 July 2011 at 03:07 »
I have studied this topic for decades and I have no evidence that Christo Columbo  (or Colon) was anything but a wealthy Italian scientist. The path to the Americas was well known by Columbus' time. He was the first to find them using science and not simply by going there on a site-seeing expedition. The Norse had been here (New England) before the Welsh and Scots arrived, before the English fished off the coasts. Anyone with some money and education could do the same. The jews are not known for such exploits. They have not the racial WILL to be explorers. Were Columbus' crew jews, niggers, homos, and convicts - sure! They are the wonderful progenitors of that fabulous mud race known as the spics. The White Spaniards and Italians had families back in Europe, but their crews, who would have been pirates otherwise, or dead, or imprisoned until death, gleefully raped and bred with the red niggers that they found on the American islands.
The English still have the crown for subduing the American continents, but much was already done for them. Columbus is not exactly a hero for the White Race but he did help usher in the scientific age. Does it matter really who "discovered" America when America today is such a sorry morass of christinsanity and filthy hybrid mud races? It wasn't the jews for sure, they arrived in New Amsterdam (New York) in the 1660'sCE. But it certainly wasn't a great White man either, regardless that his patron was or might have been the beautiful and Willful redheaded Queen Isabella.
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Re: Who Really Discovered America?
« Reply #2 on: 29 July 2011 at 12:49 »
the problem is, most of the "politically incorrect" archæological evidence has either been "covered up" or "smothered"....and.....the thrust of that evidence is that white people discovered and settled the Americas long before the sub-human mudz did!

there is some, definite evidence that a race of "red-headed" people were wiped out by the prairie niggers called Amerinids......probably several thousand years ago....and....there is some small evidence of European-type technology from that time still surviving....."clovis-spear" points and well-made/constructed apartment-type cliff dwellings.....

many of the Inca nobility were noted for their light-coloured skin, green or blue eyes and light hair....some of the conquistadores even married their women....considering it a "genetic up-grade", as it were!

the predecessors of the Aztecs and the Mayas were, also, of Aryan-type appearence(s)!

and....the original inhabitants of Easter Island who actually built the colossal statues there were, clearly, Aryan......many of the abv facts were corroborated by Thor Herydahl in his famous
"Ra" & Kon-Tiki expeditions/odysseys of the early 1950s! ..... ;

more here:

uh-oh!!!....looks like the "white-history" site has been either khyboshed or commercialised or was up & running there a few, short mnths back....OK.....try this, instead, eh?!?


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