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Author Topic: Businessman ask Judge: Are you a Yid?

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Businessman ask Judge: Are you a Yid?
« on: 08 March 2011 at 00:10 »
A drink with an extra twist: bizarre claims in Sydney Water legal case
Louise Hall March 8, 2011

Paul Makucha ... "I'm terrified of the Freemasons." Photo: Dean Sewell

THE entrepreneur who plans to bottle and market Sydney water internationally attempted yesterday to have a Supreme Court trial judge disqualified, on the grounds the judge refused to say if he was Jewish or a Freemason.

Paul Makucha is being sued by Sydney Water Corporation for $293,000 it says was incorrectly paid to him and his various companies in a scheme concocted by Mr Makucha and a former senior executive, Edward Harvey.

Mr Makucha claims he owns the intellectual property for the marketing and selling of bottled water under the name Sydney Water because the trademark did not extend that far. He told the court intellectual property was not recognised under Jewish law and requested ''that any judge that is Jewish … not hear this case because they may be influenced by religious beliefs regarding intellectual property''.

He also said the NSW Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, one of the two shareholding ministers in Sydney Water, had used masonic code in a picture published in the Herald in January because his ''eyes were looking up - that's an imitation of Jesus - it's a masonic code''.

''I'm terrified of the Freemasons'' because ''they must conceal the crimes of their brother masons'', Mr Makucha said.

Justice John Sackar refused to answer if he was Jewish or a Freemason and said he would not stand down from the case.

''No aspect of Jewish law applies in this case. I have no idea what relevance it has to this case,'' Justice Sackar said.

In its statement of claim, Sydney Water says Mr Harvey had no authority to deal with intellectual property belonging to it.

Mr Makucha said he will continue his application to register the trademark Sydney Water with IP Australia unless restrained by the court.

The hearing continues.
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RE: Businessman ask Judge: Are you a Yid?
« Reply #1 on: 08 March 2011 at 09:18 »
i EFFIN' HATE free-masons worse than EFFIN' jewz...if that's even "possible"....a jew is a jew is a jew is a jew and a jew will do wtf a jew will do!.....itz genetic!  ::)

but these free-mason maggotz have "malice afore-thought".....they're EFFIN' maggots!  >:(

although there's a lot less of them these days, they're still @ least as great a danger to our Race as race-mixers and miscegnaters....and have done us immense and almost incalculable harm in the last few hundred years....French Revolution, Russian Revolution, WWI, WWII, gun control, United Nations, "globalisation" &c!

DEATH! to them!

"Justice John Sackar"......almost certainly a kike!  >:(

but.....doesn't really matter, in the long run.....most of the Australian justice system is controlled by free-masons....who get their "orders" from the "Tribe", any-way!


"I say unto you: 'stand! men of the West' !" (Aragorn: "The Return of the King" by J R R Tolkien)


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