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Author Topic: Beware the Badmouther

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Beware the Badmouther
« on: 26 May 2010 at 18:44 »


Around the bonfire, in the midst of a small group, or even on the front liner or at the top of a group or organisation, there sits the potential for a cunning & crafty lipped devil. The type of person who only talks bad about other people in the White Power movement. This person says one thing to one person & say a completely contradictory thing to another person. His lips are constantly flapping. A veritable soap opera of never ending double talk, innuendo, rumour mongering & manoeuvring constitutes this persons’ entire universe. They have one goal & one goal only: to uplift themselves by destroying others in the movement. Usually this person cares nothing for the movement or his/her race. They are probably profiteers, leeches & bloodsuckers who have a financial interest as a primary motivator. They blame their own inadequacies on others. They cover their own mistakes by pointing fingers. They can never take responsibilities for their actions because the bad-mouther is a pathological liar who believes his own lies. They are obsessively covetous. Any attempt to alert the bad-mouther of his ways will only be seen by the bad-mouther as part of the game, another ploy in the chess match. Years of therapy might help unravel the meandering maze of this sick mind… but l doubt it… because the bad-mouther’s whole world is built on a foundation of lies. The truth is only seen as a crack in the foundation & must be patched up with whatever is available. Usually its the crap bucket of more lies that acts as mortar for the bad-mouther. lf the bad-mouther ever ever began to admit to his/her ways, it could very well lead to a complete nervous breakdown. You see, the entire psyche of the bad-mouther is built upon the rotten edifice of lies & delusions. An intricate web of self deceit & false images prop up the false sense of self-worth this type of person needs to confirm their pathetic existence. The bad-mouther will lose many hours of sleep obsessing on how to undermine others he is jealous of or covetous of. The bad-mouther perceives more talented people as a threat. He thinks of them as enemies unless he can use them to his/her benefit. He/she might think to themselves “how dare that asshole make that project. He thinks he’s so smart, l’ll show him!” The bad-mouther assumes that other people are playing the same game as he is. That’s what justifies his actions, in short “I’ll get him before he gets me!”

The bad-mouther has very low self esteem. Deep down behind walls of detours, the bad-mouther knows what he is. He/she sees the successes of others as a threat to their own personal self worth. You will notice the bad-mouther saying the most absurd things about others in the movement that have achieved more than they have. People in the movement have got to be happy when others succeed. lf you can’t be happy at that, the movement doesn’t need you around. lf you can’t share the joys of someone else’s growth then you should look at yourself in the mirror & not subject others to ridicule & scorn because you’re a jealous little snot with a nose full of acne.

The bottom line: When you hear a person badmouthing others in the movement challenge his/her statements. The common things you’ll hear are “He’s a Jew”. “He’s a fed.” “She’s a commie.” “He’s a pervert.” “He said this or she said that.” “He hit on my girlfriend/wife.” “She’s a slut.” ad. nauseum. The bad-mouther will usually tell you these things under the guise of strict confidence. The bad-mouther will usually tell someone else something about you under the same guise of confidence. Thus does the bad-mouther weave his diabolical web. Every one becomes suspicious. No one sits down and adds 2+2. But at the centre of it all the manipulating bad-mouther benefiting from the situation. He rules by misinformation & double talk. Subterfuge is his middle name. He/she is often very convincing but there are usually no facts backing up his statements except “trust me” when pushed for specifics, the bad-mouther becomes very angry. Try it.

bad-mouthers are sick pathological lying destroyers who out of jealousy & low self esteem will stop at nothing to preserve their self erected soap opera dung-house of delusions. They have no talent so they lash out at those who do. They are the most potentially damaging individuals lurking in the movement today. (Wolves in sheep’s clothing) They are worse than the Jew because so many people believe the lies of the bad-mouther. There is no place now nor will there ever be for this type of disease wasted flesh. Stop them now or you could very well be the next victim of their vicious campaign of lies, Avoid them like the plague, The bad-mouther is the bastard son of the Jew. He/she is worse than ZOG, Losers will lose everything unless they keep their forked tongue disease infested rat traps shut!

Note: This articles’ intent is not to indict any specific individual or person or persons, it’s purpose is solely to reflect the opinion of the author concerning a growing phenomenon within the general movement. Furthermore, there is obviously a discernible difference between the methodology of badmouthing & ho0nest enquiry as to the nature of groups & individuals. Asking a respected comrade his or her opinion in regard to groups & individuals is quite different from the defamation the bad-mouther employs. I’m confident that our readers are agile enough to interpret one from another.

Addendum Just to point out… when referring to the bad-mouther the authoress is identifying someone who believes themselves to be a loyal white warrior. Even though there are a growing number of traitors & spies in our movement, this article pinpoints & focuses on one particular psychological manifestation.


Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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Re: Beware the Badmouther
« Reply #1 on: 27 May 2010 at 00:04 »

Depending on the situation, this can be incorrect. When the Bad Mouther has successfully surrounded himself with others of like mind, the delusions of grandeur and self deceit grow beyond all proportions until the Bad Mouther and his group live in a veritable fantasy world where ONLY THEY exist and anyone who refuses to join their group and participate in their fantasy (or joins the group only to be rejected by the Bad Mouther for possessing the talents he himself does not posses) becomes the enemy, to be viewed with contempt and treated with scorn and derision. Such a group often derives its legitimacy from a previous incarnation of the same group which the Bad Mouther has managed to usurp.

Should we ignore the Jew? No, of course not. By the same token, Bad Mouther groups left to their own devices will flourish wherever there is a vacuum until they make up a significant portion of the cause to be a detriment to all. In this case, ignoring the Bad Mouther only begets ignorance. The only way to prevent such a thing happening is the solidarity that derives through the unity of action by those who despise and recognise the Bad Mouther for what he really is, refuse to play the Bad Mouther game and yet, still manage to take on the Bad Mouther group head-on and defeat the Bad Mouther through sheer perseverance and overriding success in one's chosen cause.

Good find Reverend Will, this should enlighten a few people to the predicament facing today's legitimate White Racial Activists. And as we all know, people once aware of a particular problem, usually learn to recognise and to avoid that particular problem. I could say more, but this will suffice for now.

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." Mark Twain.

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Re: Beware the Badmouther
« Reply #2 on: 19 January 2014 at 23:39 »
My first thought at a bad mouther is CIA basics i.e lower moral and get the group at each others throats. You most commonly see this in the TCM typically. Genuine criticism has to be at the error not the messenger. I am completely against any Ad Hominem attacks. When a person attacks another person it actually undermines the first persons authority.
A parent or teacher is always trained and must say " that is the wrong thing you did."..never "you are a bad person"


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