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Author Topic: propaganda, public opinion, influence

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propaganda, public opinion, influence
« on: 13 May 2010 at 07:31 »
internet activism does not have to consist of creativity only sites/links
for those of you into activism through your computer join the pro white propaganda wing
simply google any racial topic until you come across a blog, leave pro white comments
people read comments and it will influence public opinion if we hammer every blog out there

you will have to tone it down as most comments must be approved by a Moderator
you will most likely not be able to use name calling
but you can push a moderate pro white view on the masses
if your comment does not go through, do it over and edit it a little
I have got the 14 words through many times as well as many other pro white comments
I do not promote CA or creativity this way,
I make my comments seem like the average white guy
this site is a prime example of where pro white opinion is needed
there are many others
I was reading a blog about russian women and saw black comments
I made my comment to discourage them of course
just about any tourism or immigration issue to any country, let your voice be heard
crime blogs, make race a factor
politically correct views of history, challenge them with your comments

lets face it our main enemy is the media, lets spit venom in there face


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