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Author Topic: The Cheapest Computers

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The Cheapest Computers
« on: 08 October 2010 at 15:25 »
This is something for Creators who just need a computer that connects to the net; edits images, documents and audio, and is able to watch some videos. Unless you are into playing the latest games and editing/creating videos, you wont need anything else, so why pay a thousand bucks for something you don't need?
The site is in Australia. If it's of no use to you, print out the information and demand the same deal from your local computer store.


EasyNotebook Ultra Portable Laptop/Netbook with 17.8cm (7") Screen Built-in High Speed Wi-Fi and Win CE Operating System, 3x USB Ports - Black

Are you looking for a lightweight, compact laptop filled with features that make accessing the web on the go a breeze under $200? Then look no further than this EasyNotebook EPC.

Designed primarily for accessing the web as well as some moderate office and multimedia use the P701 is perfect for people on the go. High speed connectivity with Wi-Fi means keeping in contact will be a breeze. Three USB ports allow you to connect a variety of external devices from MP3 players and memory sticks to mouses and hard drives. It also includes an SD card reader so you can easily transfer pictures from your camera's SD memory card without having to hook it up via USB or expand storage.

What is Windows CE 6?

Windows CE 6 is the latest release of the Windows CE operating system developed by Microsoft to work similarly to Windows XP. It is specifically designed for operation on portable devices like netbooks. According to Microsoft it is preferable in situations where demanding wireless and multimedia requirements need to be met. There are a variety of upgrades from the Windows CE 5 with two of those being the number of processes has increased so to have their address spaces.

Whether you are a university student needing to type up class notes, a traveler wanting to upload holiday photos or a commuter hoping to make that train trip a little more exciting the Easy Notebook P701 is for you!

At such an amazing price, this mini netbook is sure to sell quickly so get yours today!
Mini netbook
Screen: 17.8cm (7") LCD digital panel
CPU: VIA8505 600MHz
Operating System: Win CE 6.0
Memory: 128MB
Storage: 2GB
Resolution Ratio: 800 x 480
LAN: Ethernet 10/100M
WIFI: WiFi 802.11b/g
Keyboard: 84-key standard keyboard with external keyboard support
Built-in touch pad with two shortcut keys and USB mouse support
3 x USB Port
Card Port: SD card
Built-in stereo speaker
External microphone
Headphone jack
Stand-by time: 2hrs
Screen Resolution: 800x480
Power Supply: DC 9V 1.5A
Colour: Black
Software Included
Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
Web Browser
Word Processor
PDF Viewer
Media Player
MSN Messenger
Brand: EasyNotebook
Model: P701
Dimensions: (L) 21cm x (D) 15cm x (H) 3cm
Package Contents
Mini netbook P701
Power adaptor
Operating instruction manual
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