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Author Topic: Democracy -- The Deadly Delusion

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Democracy -- The Deadly Delusion
« on: 28 March 2010 at 13:58 »
Democracy -- The Deadly Delusion
By Reverend Kevin Hanson
Edited by Reverend Matt Hale, P.M.

Democracy -- The Deadly Delusion

Were Christianity to confine itself to preaching rubbish to those gullible enough to have been taken in by its inane and insane teachings, we would happily dismiss such rantings as wholly irrelevant in the real world. Unfortunately, Christianity's baneful influence has extended into every sphere of human affairs, and its worthless "spiritual" values have been superseded by the lust for wealth and power. It is this reality that poses the real threat to the White Race.

From the Vatican's hidden billions to the corridors of power throughout the world, Christianity is indeed a wealthy and powerful adversary. Through the system known as democracy, Christianity's hidden manipulators, the Jews, have succeeded in turning the bogus, false, and unnatural teachings of the Christian bible into a grim reality which denies the superiority of blood and promotes the insane concept of an equality of all races. Indeed, those speaking out against the pollution of our formerly White nations risk the wrath of the latter-day inquisition in the form of the JOG's (Jewish Occupied Government) courts. Of course, the Jew-manipulators ensure that the vicious vendettas leveled against our White Racial Comrades are carried out with the full pomp and ceremony associated with "Christian traditions," and so deep is the mind pollution, that many of those in the hot seat have pretensions themselves pertaining to this alien creed, which in real terms is the reason for their predicament. We Creators have an urgent duty to rescue our deluded racial kinsmen from the ruinous creed of Judeo-Christianity.

What I speak of is already a dark reality on the African continent where the Whiteman was persuaded to vote himself into oblivion by the manipulations of the Communist coons, deceitful democrats, contemptible Christians, and the hidden Hebrew hand which historically has been behind every calamity threatening the existence of our people. How quickly the lessons of sad Rhodesia are forgotten as Whites rushed to embrace the sub-human monkeys of the African National Congress, making monkey-man Mandela their leader-the very heavens themselves seemed to be rejoicing as the racial renegades worldwide applauded the great "democratic triumph" and the death of a once proud and White nation. However, I contend that what happened was inevitable as the Afrikaners and their leadership were affected by the spiritual Judaism of Christianity. With the Whiteman's charitable help, the coons' birthrate soared, and the native spades were joined by niggers throughout the Dark Continent in search of a hand-out from the fools governing Pretoria. In essence, the genuinely held "Christian Nationalist" perspective of Apartheid's founders were wholly ineffective in stemming the sewer of (sub) humanity.

Let us then look to Europe, when National Socialism arose to save Germany from the Jew-democratic system. The Christian nations, manipulated by the kikes, allied themselves with Stalin's Jewish tyranny to overwhelm the brave Germans who had dared to challenge the evil Jew. In spite of the heroic resistance of the German people, democracy again triumphed, the sheer numbers overwhelming the Reich. Democracy's triumph spelt death for the Whiteman in Europe, for no sooner had the guns fallen silent than the renegade democrats began a mass-importation of millions of inferior colored breeds deliberately calculated to destroy our ancient homelands and peoples. For those who objected to the invasion, the demoRATS would merely point to "the horrors of Nazi Germany." Obviously, the Christian churches were welcoming the swarms of sub-humanity .How could they do otherwise, for the very heart of their doctrine is the "all men are created equal" bilge. Alarm was raised amongst the native Whites concerning the sheer numbers of 'untermenschen' (subhumans) arriving off the banana boats, but again the democrats stepped in with a series or race acts designed to silence and intimidate those who could not be bought off by the aforementioned liberalistic propaganda.

Democracy is a fraud as evil and twisted as the semitic creed which spawned it. Behind the facade of popular will, the wily Jew easily manipulates the unthinking masses and in the sick societies today, lorded over by the Jew, all manner of sickness and filth grow unchecked. We Creators reject democracy and believe in the power of strong will and leadership. Our founder, Ben Klassen, displayed great courage in daring to challenge the Jews and their evil schemes for World domination. He risked a lot in his quest to enlighten our people and in so doing displayed all that is daring and brave in the character of our Race. Ben Klassen was always to the point, so let me conclude by saying, DELENDA EST DEMOCRACY! (Latin for democracy must be destroyed!).
"United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined."


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