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Author Topic: Abo Takeovers - Your Home is now a Sacred Site

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Abo Takeovers - Your Home is now a Sacred Site
« on: 22 April 2010 at 00:53 »
The league star, a pile of shells and the house auction day farce

Original unedited article:

IT started like any regular auction of a Sydney house in need of an update. It ended barely 30 minutes later in chaos.

A group of stinking Abos turned up in a minibus and handed out documents to startled potential bidders claiming that the property could be a sacred indigenous heritage site.

All of this over a Sans Souci (Sydney) property the agent admits is about as far from a palace as it gets.

At the centre of one of the most bizarre auctions in memory - 12 days ago - was former Balmain, Gold Coast and South Sydney rugby league star Wes Patten.

Patten lodged a caveat on the property a day before the auction, claiming it contains potentially priceless Aboriginal artefacts.

The sale is now in limbo after the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council sent letters backing Patten's claims. In one letter, the council's CEO Paul Morris said the site has "possible evidence of significant Aboriginal midden" (Abo garbage dump) at the back of the property.

The council claims it has found "a number of older shells and other possible remnants of sharpened rocks which could be spear tips".

The letter asked a "buffer zone of at least 30m" be installed around the potential artefacts. Patten's caveat claimed that he had an "equitable interest" in the property under the "Aboriginal objects" provisions of the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

Patten, a first cousin of failed boxer, Anthony Mundine, spoke up in front of those gathered for the auction.

"I just wanted to inform the people about the site's Aboriginal significance," he said.

Patten said there could be Abo garbage in other backyards around Botany Bay. "It's near the waters and it's near the settlement where Captain Cook invaded our land," he said in efforts to justify takeover of all White owned land in that area.

Auctioneer Zac Imisides, the principal of Belgrave Properties, was furious with the actions of Patten and his group.

"I believe a fair auction was obstructed. There's no way a bidder would have felt comfortable to bid on that day," he said.

The claimed garbage site is at the rear of the land under a lemon tree. (The same one with a few empty flagons and a can of petrol around it?)

Mr Imisides said he believed the property was worth in excess of $700,000 but it had attracted just two bids of $150,000 and $200,000, with the first from Patten's group.

The auctioneer said these bids were "ridiculous".

A group of other bidders, who he believes were willing to pay full market value, were "scared off".

Mr Imisides said the sale was now in limbo.

Quote from: Hidden to Guests
Not so long ago one of our wonderful indigenous friends came to visit and saw some shells in the garden. He immediately started talking about the possibility that it is a sacred site and how the entire area should be returned to his people. Although he refused to believe us, they were only oyster and cockle shells we threw into the garden after cooking them up because we thought it added a little something extra to the garden. Unfortunately we have not heard from our from our wonderful indigenous friend again.

My comment was of course rejected.


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Re: Abo Takeovers - Your Home is now a Sacred Site
« Reply #1 on: 22 April 2010 at 23:17 »
All land is a sacred site- and this in no way diminishes its holiness.  Every acre and hectare- moreover, every square centimeter- of land belongs to the White race, and is therefore a holy site currently desecrated by the occupation of a vile, evil, unholy population.  Every parcel of land not currently in the possession of a White person and being used for the advancement of our race is in the wrong hands.

As you drive along the highway, walk through the park, or stroll along the sidewalk take note that everything you see belongs to you and your family, for your benefit.  Every tree, every hill, every blade of grass is sacred to us- and must be entrusted to the guidance and love of a holy people.  Creativity is life.  All else falls short of coaxing the full potential from our world.  It is our religious duty to restore life to every body, mind, society, and ecosystem- including every piece of land currently in the wrong hands.

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Re: Abo Takeovers - Your Home is now a Sacred Site
« Reply #2 on: 23 April 2010 at 23:28 »
Thank you Br. James.  Unfortunately, it doesn't readily transfer to intentional projects- only spontaneous bouts of prose.  I have to try to intentionally write like that.


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