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Author Topic: Abos 11 Times More Prone to Crime than Whites

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Abos 11 Times More Prone to Crime than Whites
« on: 18 March 2010 at 11:39 »
Any PC talk of "over representation" of Abos in the criminal justice system has been removed. Follow the link to obtain the original text.

Indigenous people turn up in the South Australian justice system 11 times more than non-indigenous people.

The South Australian figure is only the tip of data, Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows.

"The next highest ratio of indigenous to non-indigenous offender rates was in the Northern Territory at eight times higher," and 75 per cent of all offenders are indigenous a report released today says.

"In New South Wales it was slightly less than eight times higher, and in Queensland it was less than seven times the rate of non-indigenous offenders."

The bureau said offender rates varied wildly across different crimes.

"For offenders with a principal offence related to fraud and deception, indigenous offender rates for all four states and territory are two to five times higher than those of the non-indigenous population.

"For the principal offence of acts intended to cause injury, there is a marked difference between the indigenous and non-indigenous populations, with the indigenous offender rate being 10 to 16 times higher than the rates of the non-indigenous population."

The look at recorded crime during 2008-09 reveals the overall prevalence of crime across the nation is rising.

Police acted against 344,300 alleged offenders aged 10 or over.

This is a six per cent increase on the previous year.

The rise was equally shared by women and men with female offenders rising by eight per cent and the number of male offenders rising six per cent.

Women were most commonly accused of theft while men faced charges relating to causing injury.

The confirmation of a rise in crime came as a small business lobby group talked of taking up arms because of it.

The Retailers Association chief Scott Driscoll said the "small business retail sector had a crime problem that was "out of control".

"The last thing we'd be advocating is rampant vigilantism but you have to feel for the small business owner who believes that they have no other option than to take things into their own hands, when penalties being handed out are acting as no deterrent," Mr Driscoll said in a statement.
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Re: Abos 11 Times More Prone to Crime than Whites
« Reply #1 on: 19 March 2010 at 10:00 »
KRudd says Whites must Help end indigenous suffering

AUSTRALIANS must move forward from reconciliation to directly help improve the lives of the nation's indigenous people, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.

Mr Rudd says a cultural shift was under way, but there are too many indigenous Australians who don't get a fair go.

Achieving real change will require the effort from the entire community, he says, encouraging everyone to play a role in closing the gap.

"We know the apology was not the end of the healing process. It was only the beginning,'' he said at the GenerationOne campaign launch in Sydney tonight.

"It started the building of momentum in our society - momentum which we must now maintain and even accelerate.

"We must build on the growing recognition that indigenous business is everyone's business.''

GenerationOne aims to boost aboriginal employment, literacy rates, year 12 completion rates, and help curb alcohol abuse and welfare dependency in indigenous communities.

Mr Rudd said too many aboriginal people were battling prejudice or lack of understanding, and didn't have access to basic education and training.

GenerationOne is about rectifying that, he says.

"It will send a strong message back to indigenous Australians that we want to create an Australia that values their achievements.

"The bottom line is we're all Australians, and we are all in this together.

"If you have never participated in a movement, you can make a start now and play a simple role to create real change.''

Hand prints of some of Australia's biggest movers and shakers are being projected onto the Sydney Opera House sails on Friday night to publicise the event.

Mr Rudd, mining magnate Andrew Forrest, media baron James Packer, and actors Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett are among the 500 participants at the event.

As part of the launch, artworks will also be projected onto five iconic buildings in other cities - Flinders St Station in Melbourne, the Adelaide Festival Centre, Brisbane City Hall, Canberra Australian National Gallery and the Perth Bell Tower.

GenerationOne will have a national roadshow from March 23 to May 20 to encourage people to get involved.

i.e. When Whites are victims of Abo inherent criminality, it's our own fault because we are such a placid, advanced race of civilised beings. Therefore, blame Whitey.

Yet, consider the title of the article and ask yourself, who is really suffering. Abos or Whites, or both?


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