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Author Topic: The Superman Comes

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The Superman Comes
« on: 23 March 2010 at 05:24 »
The Superman Comes
by Rev. Kenneth Molyneaux

The Superman Comes

    As the black hammer of darkness continues to pound away at our people's will, disease and deprivation spreads like a raging firestorm that devours all life in its path. A continual barrage of contamination is catapulted at our people that enervates and sickens us terribly. Due to this, the majority of our folk have been cast down into the murky depths and reside at the ocean bottom as they have fallen mindlessly into submission at the behest of a degenerate race of foul beasts. The insidious slave drivers yearn for more and more and seek to crush those who do not assimilate to being their personal drones. While the multitude either falls in line or is annihilated by the sheer intensity of poisonous venom that abounds, a rare element breaks the bonds of enslavement. Like an underwater volcano that demonstrates its fury until it rises above sea level, this tiny segment uses its own energy to climb above the mass of humanity despite the combined effort of the puppeteer and the puppet. The Superman Comes.

    The solitary nature of these isles promotes a yearning for knowledge and to understand the intricacies of why things are as they are. Scientists these beings are as they probe nature's veil for answers that others never even speculate about. Questioning life and all of its states becomes a matter of utmost importance as a purpose for existing is to be found alone rather than through another. The accumulation of knowledge transforms these wondrous life-forms into vast libraries full of wisdom and learning. This center of learning comes to realize that it is far greater than the rabble populating the realm and adjusts its world view accordingly. The Superman Comes.

    As the meek strive to putrefy the strong, the aristocratic warriors are subject to furious attacks. Blades of steel and psychic arrows storm the defenses of the recently settled colony, seeking to cause misery and agony. Through repeated attacks the colony grows into a mighty fortress that hardly notices even the most intense bombardment by the enemy. The soldiers defending their impregnable citadel have hardened themselves through continual warfare and now sport incredible Herculean physiques of exquisite titanium. These islands of ascendancy that are forced to endure such hatred, loathing, and extreme enmity due to their superior role, have their towers of power rise towards the heavens above. The Superman Comes.

    The constant melee that envelopes these supreme knights imbues a sense of loyalty and honor among them that becomes an unbreakable oath of blood. When these mighty crusaders speak, the world should take heed as truer words are not possible. A word of honor among such comrades becomes a pact wrought with Holy meaning as these knights would prefer Death's cold, skeletal grasp to a dishonorable deed. An immortal bond is thus materialized by Nature's Finest. The Superman Comes.

    The constant infernos that blaze ferociously about the islands of superiority must not allow indolence to consume them. Slothfulness promotes the weakening of the foundation until the terrible maw of the countless hordes drag the isles into an icy grave. In order to remain vibrant and healthy, a continual striving for excellence must be undertaken. Only short vacations of leisure can be permitted lest the diseased zombies of decadence drag the pinnacles of excellence into the black coffins of stupidity. As a result of such upward striving, these superior entities rise far beyond their Earthly origins and reside amongst the stars above. No ceiling has ever been discovered in such journeys and so it is safe to assume that the only possible boundary is imposed by the individual. Those who reside in the muddy trenches might proclaim that no bird may fly higher than the clouds but the very existence of celestial explorers, refutes such nonsense. The Superman Comes.

    Throughout their lives, these philosophers of might are molded into beautiful works of art from the many paint strokes they experience. By sifting through numerous tomes and battling fierce beasts, they come to realize what is useful and what is not. As a result these comrades of splendor exhibit many virtues, including optimism, responsibility, and eagerness to name but a few. Centuries and centuries of evolution have culminated in a creed of greatness. That creed is known quite suitably as Creativity. The Superman Comes.

    This creed awakens many slumbering giants who might have otherwise remained below the depths. The adverse conditions of life sprout tough vegetation that is destined for greatness. Victory is inevitable as these gladiators rise to the challenge that confronts them. Their Holy mission starts with arousing their folk and proceeds to uniting the powerful crusaders. Once this accomplished, the process of organization takes place where an invincible army of unstoppable Titans is arrayed against the feeble resistance of darkness. The battle is swift and merciless as the golden glow of Creativity envelopes the entire universe. The Superman Comes.
Formerly a Minister with the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC)