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Author Topic: Gangs of Oz: Middle Eastern Gangs

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Gangs of Oz: Middle Eastern Gangs
« on: 17 February 2010 at 12:32 »
Gangs of Oz

Episodes are available for 7 days.
But they will probably be available on YouTube within hours.

Wed 17 Feb, series 2 episode 3

Organised, efficient, discrete - this used to be Middle Eastern gangs in Australia. Today they are ruthless and violent. Becoming more and more brazen as they pull out their guns first and ask questions later, tonight we take an exclusive look inside the nastiest gang of them all.

Notorious gang member breaks ranks

By Lisa Davies From: The Daily Telegraph

Kings Cross known as "Little Arabia"
Gang into "everything you can think of"
Appearing on Gangs of Oz

RUNNING Kings Cross is clearly not enough - one of Sydney's most feared crime gangs is on a recruitment drive, trying to expand into the hallowed drug turf of Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

A member of the pseudo-bikie gang Notorious has broken ranks for the first time to reveal details about the group which he says "is maybe the biggest (criminal) gang in Sydney" today.

"They run Kings Cross, it's what other gangs are calling 'Little Arabia' because of the Middle Eastern people over there running all the *," he tells Channel 7's Gangs of Oz program tonight.

With his image, voice and name changed to protect his identity, Wahlid tells how Notorious is "into everything" - a long as it makes them buckets of cash.

"Notorious, they are into drugs, they are into weapons, they are into everything you can think of," Wahlid said.

"They have got links to every industry from the post office to the police force, from Bob's Guns to Ahmeds Butchery, you know?

"The aim of Notorious is to make as much money as they can by getting as much area in Sydney as they can."

He even explains how new members are given a handbook to educate them about their operations.

"You get a handbook where you learn how to make drugs, how to make guns, where to get (them), what areas are controlled by the gang, everything like that," he said.

"One chapter's about weapons, one's about drugs and the others about area its really detailed man, point form."

Notorious boss Allan Sarkis, and fellow founding member David Lima, created the group on the back of Sam Ibrahim's defection from the Nomad's outlaw motorcycle gang.

However most of their members don't ride bikes.

Wahlid's own criminal background, which he says began when he was still at school, indicates the level of violence members are prepared to go to in order to serve the heirarchy.

He says he shot two people when he was only 16.

NSW Police Superintendent Ken McKay says the Middle Eastern gangs exhibit a special brand of violence.

"At the end of the day it just leads to dead people on the streets of Sydney," he said.

Gangs of Oz is also believed to be preparing to screen an episode which focuses on the Ibrahim family - but which is not nearly as complimentary as the upcoming Underbelly series is said to be.

However, that episode may not screen in NSW for legal reasons.

An average comment
Quote from: Hidden to Guests
Simple thing, class these gangs as terrorists and smash the lot, these scumbags terrorise our way of life everyday, we are over in Iraq stopping this crap but yet we let people in our own backyard firebomb and shoot up and turn our streets into death zones they hold us ransome and make our laws look like a big joke. But alas no pollie has the guts to do this they all cry about roof insulation and dumb crap...the easy issues to pick on, no guts aussie pollies! this is not in anyway a racist post i think every austalian thinks the same way get rid of this section of our country so we can imbrace the good in all of our backgrounds

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