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Author Topic: Melbourne: Asians Arrested for Racially Motivated Attack on Indians

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Eight men arrested over 'race attack' on two Indians in Swanston Street

Antonia Magee, Wayne Flower | Herald Sun | January 26, 2010 7:43AM

UPDATE 9.06am: AN Indian man will undergo microsurgery later today after a race attack for which eight have been arrested.

Eight men have been arrested after the attack on two Indian students last night on the corner of Swanston and La Trobe streets in central Melbourne.

The two men - aged 18 and 22 - were allegedly approached by a group of 10 people about 10.20pm.

The group allegedly made several comments to the two men before the 18-year-old was pushed to the ground and kicked by a number of people from the group.

His ear was also cut with some kind of a weapon during the attack

Leading Senior Constable Kendra Jackson said some the comments were said to be racist.

"There were allegations that there were racial comments made," Sen-Constable Jackson said.

The 22-year-old was also punched to the ground and suffered minor abrasions to the forearm.

The offenders were described as being of Asian appearance.
[Identifying description removed as predicted! (Creator Forum update 09 July 2014)]

Police arrested eight men in the CBD several hours later, and they are being questioned over the attack.

The 18-year-old was taken to St Vincents Hospital with lacerations to the left ear.

The 22-year-old did not require medical treatment.

The victims do not wish to be identified.

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So the truth is out at last; the attacks are racially based. Isn't it about time the police admitted that at least a good percentage of the attacks on Indians are by Asians, Africans, Lebanese and other ethnic minorities in gangs or not, and that while old Australians are mostly tolerant many new Australiabs are not. I do not for a minute suggest we curb our migration programs; let's just publicly call a spade a spade and admit that much of our violence comes from unassimilated newcomers. Just look at the trouble at the tennis and these are often second generation bigots. We need a determined effort to let all newcomers know that they must leave their prejudices behind when they come here and ensure that their children identify as Australian and not the ethnicity of their origin.

Note: All comments have since been removed from the original article. (Creator Forum Update 09 July 2014)

In a week the race of the assailants will be forgotten and it will become another racist attack on Indian students by "Australians" - which will immediately morph into calls to end "White Australian Racism."

Since this article will not last, I have attached a PDF version of the original article to this topic that everyone can pass around as needed, when required.

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It is usually the case that almost all racial violence is now mud on mud in the former White countries.

This was blacks versus asians

muslims v blacks

roma v pakistanis

The fact is that the jewish laws have come down heaviest on White people, who  are now cowed, afraid, disappearing and withering on the vine. The once prosperous cities of the White man are now just the decrepit battle grounds for the dirty sub humans that have inherited the earth as the white race disappears.


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