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Author Topic: A Sensible Nigger

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Re: A Sensible Nigger
« Reply #10 on: 12 June 2011 at 21:55 »
finally a nigger smart enough to see the world how it is and respectful enough to say it in public..
black pride is a great thing???
white pride and we are racist nazis...WTF people..
about time a nigger says it how it is,but it isnt just american niggers with that great big chip...australian abos have it as well.
as for socialising with lacks and other muds etc....i treat all asians,lebs middle east freaks with absolutley no respect,i dont acknowledge them or there existence.
abos are another story,unfortunatley i see them daily as my community is full of them,most of them still get no respect from me,BUT,if they acknowledge me by name i will respond politely(after all we are the more civilized race and abos are more shocked by manners than a bat..keeps em on there toes)after all most of the local abos here know how i feel about them,i make it clear thing is there are a handful of abos here that are more racist towards there own kind than any white race lover ive ever seen and they are the few that get more than a forced polite hello...the rest of them are to busy screaming racism but are to stupid to see how racist they themselves are.


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