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Author Topic: The South African Concentration Camps

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The South African Concentration Camps
« on: 08 September 2009 at 22:14 »
Originally found at and edited for general use. i.e. All text and links in the footer were removed and the document was converted to PDF.

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1. Introduction

The concentration camps in which Britain killed 27,000 Boer women and children (24,000) during the Second War of Independence (1899 - 1902) today still have far-reaching effects on the existence of the Boerevolk.

This holocaust once more enjoyed close scrutiny during the visit of the queen of England to South Africa, when ten organizations promoting the independence of the Boer Republics, presented her with a message, demanding that England redress the wrongs committed against the Boerevolk.


6. Summation

The concentration camps were a calculated and intentional holocaust committed on the Boerevolk by England with the aim of annihilating the Boerevolk and reeling in the Boer Republics.

Comparing the killing of Jews during World War 2, proportionately fewer Jews were killed than Boer women and children during the Second War of Independence.

Yet, after World War 2, England mercilessly insisted on a frantic retribution campaign against the whole German nation for the purported Jewish holocaust. To this day, Germany is being forced to pay annual compensation to the Jews, which means that Germans who were not even born at the time of World War 2, still have to suffer today for alleged atrocities committed by the Germans. Should England subject herself to the same principles applied to Germany, then England must do everything within her power to reinstitute the Boer republics and to pay annual compensation to the Boerevolk for the atrocities committed against the Boerevolk.

"Their only crime was that they stood between England and the gold of Transvaal."
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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Re: The South African Concentration Camps
« Reply #1 on: 10 September 2009 at 18:36 »
The Rothschild/Boer War Connection

After illegally annexing the Transvaal in 1881, the British had been turned back with a resounding defeat at Majuba by Paul Kruger. In 1889, because of the discovery of vast wealth in gold and diamonds in South Africa, the rothschilds came back to loot the nation with 400,000 British soldiers pitted against 30,000 "irregulars", that is, farmers with rifles, whom the Boers could put into the field. The Boer War was started by rothschild’s agent, alfred milner, against the wishes of a majority of the British people. His plans were aided by another rothschild agent, cecil rhodes, who later left his entire fortune to the furtherance of the rothschild program[that is, to destroy the White Race], through the rhodes trust, a by no means infrequent happening among rothschild agents, and the basis of the entire "foundation" empire today.

Milner and his generals were characteristically optimistic but they soon learned they were in for a protracted and bloody conflict. Military disasters abounded and 22,000 men were killed in the initial stages. The Boer republics knew they stood in Britain's way and cited the strategy that "the key to a good defense is a good offense". The Empire was internationally humiliated. One historian describes the war as 'Britain's Vietnam'.

The British fought a "no prisoners", scorched earth war[war crime], destroying farms, and mercilessly shooting down Boers who tried to surrender. It was in this war that the institution of "concentration camps" was brought to the world, as the British rounded up and imprisoned in unsanitary, fever-ridden camps anyone thought to be sympathetic to the Boers, including many women and children, who died by the thousands[28,000 woman and children died from starvation and disease -10% of the total Boer population]. This genocidal policy would next be used by the rothschild-financed Bolsheviks in Russia, who adopted the Boer War concept to murder 66 million Russians between 1917 and 1967[as they promised they would do in the early 1900`s]. There was never any popular reaction to either of these atrocities, because of the control of media which makes discussion of these calamities a taboo subject.

The milner role in starting the South African War is described in "British Supremacy in South Africa". Chap. 1 is headed "Sir Alfred Milner’s War," explained as follows : "On 19 March Chamberlain telegraphed to him, 'The principle object of His Majesty’s Government in South Africa is peace. Nothing but a most flagrant offense would justify the use of force.'" P. 22, "Milner had come to believe that war with the Transvaal was both inevitable and desirable ... milner had at last convinced Chamberlain that British supremacy in South Africa would be jeopardized unless the power of the Transvaal was broken." There is the evidence that rothschild’s Round Table minion, milner, cold-bloodedly precipitated the Boer war for his master’s gain.

John Hays Hammond, chief mining engineer for the House of rothschild, also was sent to South Africa to precipitate the war. He formed the "Uitlanders Reform Committee", with Lionel Phillips, head of gold and diamond mining firm Eckstein–the Corner House; George Farrar of East Rand Property Mines; and Col. Frank Rhodes, brother of cecil rhodes. The Committee was financed by Abe Bailey, jew solly joel, jew barney barnato, and the Ecksteins, all of whom were big winners in the partition of the gold and diamond properties after the war. During this activity, Hammond was arrested by Paul Kruger, sentenced to death for promoting revolution, and was allowed to leave only after paying a $100,000 fine[what a huge mistake]; he was then hired by the Guggenheims at $500,000 year salary, and in 1921 became chief lobbyist for the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.

Last time I checked the directors of De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd of South Africa, it looked like this :  harry f. oppenheimer, philip oppenheimer, a.e. oppenheimer, n.f. oppenheimer, evelyn de rothschild, and sidney spiro. Can you see any relation ? They are all jews - just confirming what we already know - the world is run by the global elite - the global elite is almost exclusively jewish, and those which are not jewish are all jewish stooges.

What was the rothschild legacy after the senseless war in SA ? Firstly, thousands of people were killed - babies and children forever removed from their parents; husbands permanently removed from their wives, not to mention the mental damage of those that survived. Secondly, a nation divided - this war caused a massive split between Afrikaans-speaking Whites in SA that is still evident today. Thirdly, Boer hating the British - White hating White - just as the jewish rothschilds planned. From as far as I can remember, White Afrikaans-speaking boys used to beat-up English-speaking boys and the other way around - Afrikaner woman was even prohibited to marry English men - this hatred was caried over from generation to generation because of the Boer/Brit-war. The Boers used to call the British "rooi nekke" or red necks, and they used to call us "rocks".

It was only years later that I myself stopped hating the British, and realised that these people`s forefathers was pushed into a war that they did not want, all because of some idiot that had to satisfy his greed for gold and diamonds. Today some of my best friends are English speaking White folks ... we still call each other names though ...  :)
Lizzie Van Zyl at the Bloemfontein concentration camp. Because her mother was one of the "undesirables" due to the fact that her father neither surrendered nor betrayed his people, they starved her to death.
Memorial to Quebec soldiers who fell in the Boer War.
A memorial in Queanbeyan New South Wales, dedicated to Australians who served in the conflict.
A memorial for Canadian soldiers who died during the war in Confederation Park, Ottawa.

"We go back to the basic Laws of Nature : Take Care of Your Own, Love your Own. Hate your Enemies, Destroy your Enemies. The Law of Survival of your own kind is the Highest Law of Nature and Transcends All Others" - Ben Klassen



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