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Author Topic: South African Rightwing

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Re: South African Rightwing
« Reply #10 on: 24 February 2011 at 18:35 »
Agents Provocateurs Mar Boer Meetings

Mr Paul Kruger, convenor of  the first Boer People’s Leadership Council (‘Volksraad’)  in 113 years -- had his nose broken by an agent-provocateur who was identified as one Willem Boshof. The fracas occurred at a Thursday-evening meeting at the Paardekraal monument.  This incident is very reminiscent of the vicious fear-and-intimidation tactics always used by the secret ruling-Afrikaner Broederbond cabal at any political meetings which were not ‘approved’ of by the ruling National Party before its hegemony ended in 1994. Despite being in obvious pain after the assault, Mr Kruger continued with the meeting, blood running down his face and staining his shirt.

Meanwhile two agitators, Boshoff and another man named as Piet Rudolph, were surrounded by members of the AWB who were acting as body-guards, escorted outside and told to wait in their cars for the arrival of the summonsed police. Then something very strange happens ... a young white man arrives, dressed in an old police uniform and carrying a powerful R4 government-issue assault carbine ... he notes down all the car-registration numbers of the AWB members, who are waiting for the police to show up - reading the numbers to someone via his cellphone. However, recognised as Willem Boshoff Junior who works at a computer shop in Krugersdorp, the alleged assaulter of Paul Kruger’s son,  the uniformed man chases off in his car after being challenged.  During a high speed pursuit by a police car, young Boshoff is arrested, followed to the Krugersdorp police station by the AWB-members who recognised him so that they can lodge a statement about his behaviour.  To their astonishment  however, within half-an-hour  Boshoff Junior is released – despite the fact that he had allegedly impersonated a police-officer and was also seen by dozens of people carrying a very dangerous military assault-carbine on a public street.

After the meeting, Kruger issued a stern warning to the small group of agitators who had caused the ruckus, writing on the VVK’s face book site : ”we will not continue to ignore such criminal behaviour just because you are whites. These were the choices you’ve made ... now you will have to live with the consequences.’ He said in his statement : ‘We, the Boer people had the opportunity for the first time in 113 years to be introduced to the personal viewpoints of people who were elected to a Volksraad (Boer People’s Leadership Council) outside any party-politics.  I listened to all these men at our meeting, and sat there wondering why people were continuously claiming that ‘Boers had no leaders’ amongst them. On the contrary, we have a great many people with leadership potential as was clearly shown at this meeting. These people are motivated by the noblest of ideals and there are many such potential leaders who will help place us back on our road to true freedom.’

Kruger pointed out that the Boers currently are on a rapid relearning curve; that they have to ‘relearn the democracy practices which were lost to them, and thus nearly forgotten, ‘ever since the Boers had fallen under British colonial oppression in 1902’. He said  that the majority of people at the meeting ‘were listening courteously and attentively to all the speakers to hear all the various viewpoints, which is the democratic way. “Yet  there also was a small group of people which, through their willfully disruptive behaviour, obviously were attending with their own sinister agendas. “The majority of us, who tried so hard to maintain our atmosphere of unity, where candidates shared and praised one another’s viewpoints, and acknowledged one another’s skills and contributions, there were a few people who sang the old familiar disruptive song namely the phrases which go something like this : “We will never stand together, we will not leave you alone to just carry on, we will continue to taunt you, humiliate you, slander you and demonise you.’

Kruger said this small group launched their physical attack on him while he was in the middle of answering someone’ else’s question. “A man whom I’d never met and do not know at all, suddenly walked up to me and, without any warning, broke my nose with his fist’. And then, in the confusion which followed, he wrote,  “one of this man’s apparent comrades, Piet Rudolph, waved a firearm in front of the face of a young Boer who also was present at the meeting”. Kruger warned : “I have news for this little gang, ‘don’t for one minute believe that you will stop me or the Boer-volk from continuing on our road to freedom. We have taken this road ever since 1836 and we will not deviate from it. Not for one moment.” He added : “If you insist on acting like our arch-enemies, if you continue to try and destroy our work, if you continue to carry out your cowardly sneak-attacks against us, if you wave firearms in our faces, know that we will not continuously disregard such criminal misbehaviour only because you have white skins. You are the ones who have chosen this – so you will have to live with the consequences’.
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