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Author Topic: AMERICA

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« on: 16 June 2009 at 20:48 »
Finding an unoccupied space here,I thought I place it here.I'm sure if it's not appropriate,then the proper authority will delete it post hast.

I first heard about America when I was about seven years old
It was a unbelievably big wonderful place,with streets of gold

Where you can have anything you ever wanted,whatever it was
and it was all yours for the asking,or maybe just simply because

I swear, that was the thinking circa 1952
Never a hint of a nigger,Spic,Asian or Jew

The land of endless opportunity,where everyone can
do what ever they wanted,child,women and man

The stories I heard for years, were all fiction of course
hell,I live with people who would still ride a horse

Radios,TV's,movies,sky scrapers and even indoor plumbing
were so far advanced as to just be just plain mind numbing

that's as far as the text will again allow me to go.

Remedy for the nigger problem


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