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Author Topic: The Jewish Lobby: AIJAC - The Australian AIPAC

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The Jewish Lobby: AIJAC - The Australian AIPAC
« on: 03 May 2009 at 00:40 »
In his Dictionary of Politics, Walter John Raymond defines "Jewish Lobby" as "A conglomeration of approximately thirty-four Jewish political organizations in the United States which make joint and separate efforts to lobby for their interests in the United States, as well as for the interests of the State of Israel."

In a 2004 speech, J.J. Goldberg, Editorial Director of The Forward, stated: "The Jewish lobby ... is actually more than just a dozen organizations. The Anti-Defamation League, The American Jewish Committee, Hadassah, of course, AIPAC."

In his book Jewish Power, Goldberg writes that in the United States the "Jewish lobby" for decades played a leadership role in formulating American policy on issues such as civil rights, separation of church and state, and immigration, guided by a liberalism that was a complex mixture of Jewish tradition, the experience of persecution, and self interest.

In his 1987 work The Lobby: Jewish Political Power and American Foreign Policy Edward Tivnan writes that a "full-fledged 'Jewish lobby'" was created in 1943 when "delegates from thirty-two national Jewish organizations met in Pittsburgh to decide upon the role that the American Jewish community would play in representing Jewish demands after the war and helping to build Jewish Palestine."

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is an American lobbying group that advocates for pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States. It has been described as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington.

Australia, as such, supposedly has no Jewish lobby. Even to suggest that there is a Jewish lobby is considered anti-Semitic, as happened a couple of years ago when a politician caused an uproar in the press and political circles when she spoke of an Australian Jewish lobby in Federal Parliament.

However, there is a Jewish lobby which is made up of many groups which are all based in Israel and inextricably intertwined with eachother and the current political system. As in the USA, the Australian Jewish lobby advises State and Federal Governments on everything from defence, foreign relations and immigration to hatecrime laws, censorship, and freedom of speech issues relating to pro-Israel and allied causes.

"The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) is the premier public affairs organisation for the Australian Jewish community.

Through research, commentary, analysis and advocacy, AIJAC represents the interests of the Australian Jewish community to government, politicians, media and other community groups and organisations." From

"The Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is Australia's pre-eminent international Chamber of Commerce and one of the country's most prestigious and active national business organisations. The AICC's national membership exceeds 1,000 leading Australian companies across a broad range of industry sectors."

"The AICC has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, as well as in Auckland and Tel Aviv." From

The AICC website sponsers:

A selection of Israeli companies which operate in Australia can be found at

"The AICC is honoured to have as its Governors these outstanding individuals who ... are all great supporters and friends of the AICC and Israel:"

Mr Chris Anderson
Mr Anthony Berg AM
Professor Adrienne Clarke AC
Mr Victor Fonda AO
Mr Charles Goode AC
Mr John Gough AO CBE
Ms Margaret Jackson AC
Mr Graham Laitt
Mr Paul O'Sullivan       
Mr Isi Leibler AO CBE
Mr Mark Leibler AO
Mr Bob Mansfield AO
Mr David Mortimer AO
Mr Phillip Scanlan AM
Dr Paul Simons AM
Mr Stan Wallis AC
The Hon Neville Wran AC QC (Former NSW Premier)

The Hon Kevin "KRudd" Rudd MP, Prime Minister of Australia, address to AICC condemning anti-semitism and honouring a Jew as the "greatest Australian." Listen: MP3 - Flash page.

Another sector of the Jewish lobby in Australia, the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADL in the US) asks: Are the allegations about a ‘Jewish Lobby’ true?

"All interest groups lobby governments. Representative democracy works on the assumption that ordinary people with interests can have those interests represented in the decisions of government. The claim of a Jewish or pro-Israel lobby has become a defamation because it is used pejoratively to imply that Jewish lobby groups are disproportionately powerful and subversive, and anti-democratic." From

Need more?

This is only an introduction to some of the facts. It is up to you to research and find the truth for yourself. I believe that if I was to research and supply you with all of the information, you would still refuse to accept it as the truth because it has come from someone whom the media, state and federal attorney generals has declared an anti-semite. You have the tool at hand ... now go and prove me wrong.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul.
"Un-Australian, anti-Semitic, racist," and proud of it.
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Re: The Jewish Lobby: AIJAC - The Australian AIPAC
« Reply #1 on: 07 June 2009 at 15:48 »
I have my Phone with Optus, I will be changing that.


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