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Author Topic: Jewish Solar Product Brand “Chromogen” RIPS OFF Consumers

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Buy from us, and we'll give you a free Cock Chop. Our Roving Rabbi will suck you until you stop screaming and hit him ...

Chromagen About us

Chromagen, a pioneer in the production of solar water solutions since 1962, is the market-leader in Israel, which leads the world in per capita installations. Globally, the company has developed a solid install base, increasing supply and demand annually. Chromagen's systems, which are available in more than 35 countries worldwide, bring innovation, quality and cost savings to home owners, institutions and commercial projects. The commitment to deliver top-of-the-line water-heating solar solutions is in conjunction with the belief to promote environmental awareness.

Why Chromagen?

Top-of-the-line manufacturing technology of products guaranteeing product safety,longevity and energy efficiency
Leading solar water solution company with 49 years of experience bringing a history of reliable and stable products
Worldwide network of authorized Chromagen distributors committed to fast, professional service
Best-of-class products with long-life warranties
Compliance with all international standards
Commitment to deliver environmentally friendly products
Special boosters that provide fast water heating alternatives 
Installations that come with accessories, such as the special anti-burn faucet
Specialized designed solutions for constructors, organizations and industry projects
Products that are manufactured on-site and quality tested
Dedicated Chromagen sales and support teams worldwide

published 4 months ago

Quote from: Hidden to Guests
- The first system rusted out just on the warranty period ended up with water in the roof. Complained to Local installed/distributor Todds Plumbing they werent interested. Chromagen them selves come up with a replacement tank but we got charged $800 to replace it by Todds Plumbing. The replacement tank is not there two years and one of the fittings is amost rusted out. Got informed by Todds that they are notorious for rusting out there and if it hasnt been caught quick enough the rust spreads into the main tank and it is then @#$%^

- Appalling Product, Appalling Service. Challenging Staff and Installers.
published 7 months ago

- What to say to make this pollically correct when so frustrated and now Angry. Chromagen would have to be the worst company running in Australia and trust me I’ve come across some challenging situations. Our Cylinder has more leaks than a punctured bladder. It’s only 18 months old. The cylinder was chosen by home builder and placed outside bedroom window on the pathway, facing the hot afternoon Qld sun more than likely why the cylinder only lasted this amount of time. Fortunately we thought this would be covered by Warranty. When calling the office, make sure you have plenty of time as it’s one of those message banks, press 1 for this, 2 for that, 3 for this well you get the idea, then put on hold for an age listening to some depressing music and other messages asking if you would like to leave a message or email. By the way they don’t return a phone call if you leave a message.

- When I finally got through to speak to a real person they asked that I send in photos for evidence of leaking cylinder. I did this and received an email back to say they would be replacing the cylinder under warranty. Great! They would send a replacement cylinder and an installer would contact me to arrange for the swap over.

- So came home from work one afternoon to find cylinder under the carport. No phone call or communication this was happening.
We then thought there is no point placing the Cylinder back in the same spot as mentioned the placement of Cylinder was nowhere near ideal. So called Chromagen and let them know of changes. Mentioned this on numerous occasions and to different admin and other workers. We made arrangements for our Plumbers including his Electrician to mirror the pipes and electrical wiring on the opposite wall. Piping was exposed as to difficult to install in walls without a lot of damage. I contacted the office and let them know we were doing this and they never mentioned a word or let me know this would be a problem. So come the day we had organised the so called Plumbers to install. [Name Removed] introduces himself, I showed him where things were going and where they were. Well that was enough to get him going mentioning he was not informed about installing this in a different location. I said no biggy everything is the same just need to install it. He said oh No he couldn’t do this because the wiring was new and it was in another place and the cover was covering wiring and he wasn’t an electrician so couldn’t remove the cover. (Cover was held on by 4 Phillips head screws). I said that the wiring is exactly the same it has just been pulled through to the other side and the cover was there for safety. I would undo the screws to expose wiring. Anyway his work colleague [Name Removed] turned up and after discussing for an hr and a half they came up with the conclusion they weren’t able to complete the install as it was considered a new install. Ummm yes it’s a new install it’s a new Cylinder. All the pipe work is exactly the same as the other wall except they’re exposed. They are at the same height in fact the install was made easier as the faulty Cylinder had already been detached by our Plumber earlier in the day. It was only a matter of taking off the old pipe work from the faulty Cylinder and placing on new Cylinder and hooking onto new pipe work instead of the existing. It’s that easy I could do it myself. So in the end they came to the door and [Name Removed] asked “How is your day going? My thoughts “You’re seriously asking me this”. [Name Removed] said to install they would have to charge us. French was spoken and they left. As this was a Friday (a day and time they set up for their convenience) we now have no hot water for I don’t know how long. These people would have to be the most challenging, unreliable people I have come across. This company needs to be investigated. Clearly from other reviews I am not the only one who has been frustrated, ripped off and Angered by their products and staff. I can’t tell you what to do but I would highly recommend staying well clear of Chromagen and associates or any Building Company that uses them

 :-\ >:(I read a whole lot of product reviews of their products. Most people were disgruntled with their product, their service, the way their assistance line is.

In short the majority of people thought everything about this Jew business was shonky! It is an interesting read!

The Price is Reich!

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Re: Jewish Solar Product Brand “Chromogen” RIPS OFF Consumers
« Reply #1 on: 25 March 2020 at 12:39 »
Scott Schlomo the Benny Hinn - First Lord of Zion loving Prime Minister of Australia says:

"Oy Veh!
"Ve have veys of making ze Red Chinese Virus verk for us"

No bullshit, the Australian Prime Minister really does worship Benny Hinn. And y'all Americans know what Benny Hinn is?
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