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Author Topic: Suicide is OK for CREATORS - Within Reason

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Suicide is OK for CREATORS - Within Reason
« on: 08 September 2019 at 03:19 »
Article attached talks about assisted suicide. Makes interesting points about this "right to die" for some becomes a "duty to die" for others, especially the poor..  because they don't want to be a burden for their families.

Just a reminder..  whites have an elevated suicide risk.

It could be substance abuse related for some.. it is stereotypically accepted that whites favor "pills, speeders, and more recently opioid" than just some booze and a bit of weed and shrooms..

part of this is legal reasons too.  Many of these harder drugs are out of the system faster leading to less chance of losing their job.

Maybe we have also become spoiled.. expecting too much luxury from life. And when it is missing it starta to feel like life isn't worth it anymore.m

Like "Food and shelter" isn't enough.

I remember Ben Klassen saying in the "Survival of the white race" that life exists for its own sake.  So maybe, unless something terminal and painful is on the way, maybe suicide isn't the way out..  You still have some juice in ya.

Lots of elderly and other folks who are trying to find a constructive purpose in life go the "community" route..  others who cant find community helping activities to take part in.. attempt to organize it.

If life exists for it's own sake, it will stop on its own. It probably knows something we don't, and if we see the painful inevitable end on its way.. Maybe then it is ok to end it.

But maybe those last few weeks and months before the natural ending should be experienced.  It is the last experience, and although painful still only amounts to a small fraction of the entire life experience.

Thats just my opinion..  who am I to force someone to suffer thkugb.. I might even consider ending myself if it got too bad but I'm fairly sure that this would have to be constant and unending pain with no end in sight and no way to diatract myself from the pain.  I'm not a drinker...  so maybe I'd be like " This is what the booze and drugs were for... not fun time but run end of the road."..  Smoke that weed and hope it distracts me from the pain.. snort a little coke when that pain is at it's peak of the day.. and a bit of booze to help me sleep...

shits pricey though.. and what goes up must come down.. feel like * later
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