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Author Topic: Danger Will Robinson. Danger.. Do Not Use The WCOTC Acronym!!

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I can not accept that course of action...danger will robinson...danger..


In a post here on the forum (link below) is suggestion to reuse the acronym "WCOTC"..

If this happens..  bad legal things are sure to follow..

WWF..  the wrestling company learned that..  before hand.. another thing.. "World Wildlife Fund"  had the WWF acronym first.

Changed it to WWE to avoid legal conflict..

I'm sure many legal dollars went into this decision.

We should take that advice as well..

Sorry if this news rubs anyone the wrong way.

Post related to HQ Name Poll:,11318.msg



Why Did the WWF Change Their Name to WWE?

However, soon after beginning use of the WWF label, McMahon learned another company was using the same acronym. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature had been using WWF prior to McMahon and his wrestling league. In 1994, due to this conflict, McMahon entered a law-abiding agreement forbidding him from using WWF in relation to wrestling, and was only allowed to use it as spoken word on live broadcasts.
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We can use WCOTC or COTC if we like. Just as long as it does not represent Church of the Creator.

As I pointed out in the Poll: Ben Klassen used the term World Center. He did not say Headquarters or anything else.

Our Church is named Church of Creativity. There are dozens of other groups that go by the name Church of the Creator - none of them were sued by the ADL (i.e. an ADL controlled group - see the legal waiver in the footer).

I know more about this subject than anybody else outside US Federal Prisons. I have been dealing with this legal bullshit since before the inept WCOTC leader's/founder's arrest. Yeah, that twat who got us into this legal mess because he already had plans to ditch the "Church" from our name and rename Creativity as a "Movement" in order to drag in any freak to "Obey! Obey! Obey!" his wishes so that they would donate to the cause of buying him yet another purple suit.

Now, you want to talk legalise? Piss easy:

WWF was a registered acronym for World Wildlife Fund. Wrestling used WWF as an unofficial acronym in the 80's, but it was years later that they decided to make it official and learned that WWF was already a registered trademark.

COTC is not a registered trademark. Christ on the Crutch! COTC is just an acronym that can represent anything. Under trademark law, COTC is a generic acronym not owned by anybody or any group. Church of the Creator is however owned by a crypto ADL group. The individual who (with ADL funding) sued the WCOTC for breach of a registered trademark, is dead. His son now runs the show and he instead has chosen to piss his inheritance against the wall.
The "Church of the Creator" registered trademark was last renewed on the 23rd June 2018.

The Church of Creativity makes no attempt to assume or supersede the trademark. Trademark remains with the trademark holder.

World Center of the Creator: It's just the proposed name of a property that happens to be reminiscent of our original Church name as given to us by Ben Klassen ... no matter what the accompanying acronym happens to be.
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Ok.. just looking out for potential issues
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