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Author Topic: Racial Greetings - I Quit

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Racial Greetings - I Quit
« on: 27 June 2019 at 16:25 »
Rahowa from Connecticut.. at this time I'm going to end my probation.. I have been a probate since November of 2018 and I realize I came from another organization after 8 months I feel that I am just wasting my time.. one year probation is excessive and if I'm going to put in that kind of time (with no guarantee of membership) that it is in my best interest to move on.. seems like you have enough membership and aren't really looking for more.. thanks for the opportunity rahowa

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Re: Racial Greetings - I Quit
« Reply #1 on: 27 June 2019 at 17:53 »
Brother, you were doing 12 months as a Prospective Church Member because you were a member of TCM - a pathetic gang of Skinheads that attempted lay claim to Creativity for themselves and has used the JOG and all sorts against us, REAL Creators.

{On a personal note, you already know how much hatred there is between the CA and Logsdon's Wiggers. I could have demanded you be treated differently. However, I read your demands to immediately assume a state leadership role and instructed that you be treated as any Prospect - within your 12 month category. Basically, we need to know who and what you are - and if you are White. You come from a violent, petty criminal Skinhead gang that recruited Mestizos and Red-Niggers, and hid behind the law whenever it could because it was infiltrated, FFS. What the hell should we do?}

You do know that newby Creators just accept the title of Prospect, and move on? They do their job as Creators, they are accepted as Creators, they understand that they ARE Creators unto themselves and anything else is just a title ... But those that do the  12 months because they are skins or from an organisation that has caused problems for The Church, typically lose interest and fail their Prospective Period. And we expect that.

Really, the amount of activism you do - and this goes for all - as a Prospect is up to you. Apart from the standard lookout for loonies, your White Racial Activism is how we judge you.

The choice was yours, brother.

No harm done. Prospects are allowed to leave at any time before they finalise their Church Membership.

May your future be White and prosperous.

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BTW: From what I know of you, brother, you have spent time as a Creator - all-be-it with an org that should never existed. However, that is not your fault. You never caused us problems in your time with that gang, and I respect that. You are always welcome here on CREATOR FORUM/R.L. FORUM. However, since you quit, if you ever want to reapply to join the CREATIVITY ALLIANCE, it will be another mandatory 12 Months as a Prospect.

And again, it will be your choice whether you work as a full fledged Creator, or allow the lack of a title to hold you back.


For any questions, contact Reverend Joel Dufresne, former Hasta Primus of TCM and now a proud, lifelong Member of the Creativity Alliance.

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Or Reverend Sturm:
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