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Author Topic: England: Hunt for Nigger Racist

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England: Hunt for Nigger Racist
« on: 01 April 2019 at 05:24 »
You know the victims of this 'horrific and unprovoked attack' are not White. They are most probably what the British JOG refer to as Asian and the rest of the world refer to as Sand-Niggers; a case of what Libtards and Muslims would call Islamophobia.

Generally on the ladder of political correctness, Jews are at the top; because religion trumps race, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and whatever religion fight it out on the next rung; last are the racial categories of niggers and gooks - if either has a PC religion, they automatically advance to the next level. White people do not even register, but are expected to prop up the ladder of political correctness.

So, as it's a nigger that they're after, the victim was most probably a Rag-Head ...

Manchester: Teen yob shouts racist abuse and spits at girl, 17, in horrific attack on tram

Police are looking for a 'young male' who hurled abuse then spat at a girl on board a tram headed from Manchester Victoria Station to Oldham

Mason Boycott-Owen & Paul Britton | Mirror (UK) | 31 March 2019

Police are looking for a yob who shouted racist abuse at a teenage girl on a tram then spat at her.

Investigators say the 17-year-old girl was travelling with her family when they were confronted by a group of youths on board.

A hate crime investigation has been launched after what senior police officers described as an 'horrific and unprovoked attack' by a yet-to-be-identified teenage boy aboard the tram bound for Oldham.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are working with tram operator Metrolink in an effort to get CCTV footage of the incident, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The girl and her family were travelling on board a tram towards Oldham which had just left Victoria railway station in Manchester when police said a 'young male' who was with a group of teenagers confronted the mother.

A police spokesman said: "The girl tried to intervene but the boy began to racially abuse her.

"This abuse continued until the tram reached Newton Heath and Moston tram stop, where the boy spat at her before exiting the tram with the rest of the group.

"The family remained on the tram and called for police assistance."

The incident took place at around 6.30pm on Saturday.

The racist yob the police are looking for was described as black, around 5ft 6, and in his mid-teens with an afro-style haircut.

He was wearing a black hooded top with a hat underneath the hood.

Chief Inspector Denise Pye confirmed a hate crime investigation had been launched and said enquiries were ongoing.

"This was a horrific and unprovoked attack on a family who were enjoying their Saturday evening together before being subjected to a barrage of racial abuse," she said.

"People should be free to go about their lives without abuse and hate and we are treating this incident incredibly seriously. Eradicating hate crime will always be one of our top priorities as there is absolutely no tolerance of hate in our communities.

"Our detectives are currently supporting the victims at this incredibly distressing time and our investigation is progressing at speed. Forensic enquiries are ongoing and officers are working alongside Metrolink to obtain the best quality CCTV.

"We are working to provide pictures of people we are keen to speak to as part of our enquiries and would appeal directly to the person responsible to get in touch. We would also encourage anyone who he was travelling with at the time to contact police.

"We know a number of people witnessed this attack and are grateful to those who tried to intervene and record footage for us.

"We would urge these people and anyone else with any information or footage of the incident to get in touch as soon as possible."

Anyone with information on this incident can call police on 0161 856 6460 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
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