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Author Topic: I Completed an IQ Test ...

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I Completed an IQ Test ...
« on: 05 February 2019 at 00:58 »
I just completed an online IQ Test at
My score is 126.
(It was timed and I wasted a couple of minutes taking a leak in the middle of the test - if that means anything.)

I don't know how realistic that is because the last IQ type of test I took was when I joined the army and it was totally different to that. I have never done a genuine sit down IQ test.

Was it the real deal? Would I have scored more points if I hadn't stopped to take a leak? Does it really matter? You be the judge.

1 to 70 - Mental disability
71 to 84 - Borderline mental disability
85 to 114 - Average intelligence
115 to 129 - Above average; bright
130 to 144 - Moderately gifted
145 to 159 - Highly gifted
160 to 179 - Exceptionally gifted
180 and up - Profoundly gifted
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