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Yesterday at 04:25
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11 January 2019 at 15:25
The stupid niggers stick together, the Jews, the queers and spics. But when it comes to the White Race we are with out a doubt a race divided. Trying to get our race to unite as one is like pulling teeth, the filthy JEW has the minds' of our race scrambled. We must bring them back to sanity.
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11 January 2019 at 15:21
A house divided against itself cannot stand, as well as a race. A race divided against itself will surely perish!!
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09 January 2019 at 21:32
Loyalty to ones race supersedes ALL other loyalties, our first and foremost concern is maintaining racial purity and the upgrading of our race through eugenics!!
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01 January 2019 at 13:41
To all my fellow Creators, Happy New Year. Together let's make 2019 a highly active and productive year for Creativity .. RaHoWa!
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28 December 2018 at 17:58
Racial identity is crucial in maintaining a healthy and homogeneous white society
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28 December 2018 at 13:46
Racial loyalty is the greatest of all honors and racial treason is the worst of all crime's this includes treason against fellow creators , we should all pride ourselves on honor and loyalty . RAHOWA 8)
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26 December 2018 at 17:03
Niggers and Jews are a plague, a cancer to White civilization; And we're the cure!
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25 December 2018 at 04:39
Merry made-up-birth-date of a spook in the sky rape-baby born of a virgin, who becomes a zombie. haha

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23 December 2018 at 13:38
The jew is behind everything that is wrong for the American White Man ...

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Author Topic: Klassen Day: 100 Years

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Klassen Day: 100 Years
« on: 20 February 2018 at 13:55 »
Let me be the first to say Happy Birthday to our great founder, P.M.E. Bernhardt Klassen (February 20, 1918-August 6, 1993). If not for this great man, the situation of the White Race today would be dreadful and doomed to extinction. It is my firm belief that only through CREATIVITY that the White Race will survive the current genocidal campaign against it and reach dazzling heights beyond our wildest dreams. For this, we are all forever indebted to Ben Klassen.

Us Creators all know his story: born a hundred years ago today of a German-speaking Mennonite family in Ukraine, he and his family fled the Judeo-Communist Soviet Union in the early 1920s and came to the Americas, living briefly in Mexico before finally taking up residence in Canada. Klassen earned a degree in electrical engineering, a Bachelor of Arts degree and a teacher's certificate while living in Canada. In 1945, he came to the United States of America, and later became an American citizen in 1948. He worked as a high school teacher, a farmer, a hard rock nickel miner, a real estate agent, a land developer, an electrical engineer, the inventor of the wall-mounted electrically-powered can opener and served in the Florida House of Representatives in the mid 1960s. But his greatest achievement is what we Creators all practice today: founding Creativity, the total solution for the problems the White Race faces today.

What a miracle it was for Klassen to give us this racial creed! Had his family been victims of the Judeo-Bolshevik bandits in Russia when he was just a child, the situation of our race today would be drastically (and very negatively) different. But just like Adolf Hitler, Klassen took a stand against the Jewish death grip in the U.S. (and all over the world, for that matter) and gave the White Race a religion of their own. What a miracle indeed.

I never met Ben Klassen. I'm only 20-years old (born in August '97) and I've only been a member of the Alliance for a short time. But what an honor it must've been to meet this great White hero. If anyone has met him, I'd love to know what it was like.

For this man, we owe our lives. The White Race will prevail. Creators, we will carry Ben Klassen's creed until the end of time.

"The White Race will either inhabit this planet Earth in totality, or it will not survive at all. There will be no in between in our future." - Ben Klassen

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Re: Klassen Day: 100 Years
« Reply #1 on: 21 February 2018 at 02:33 »
I was going to write something for the Centenary of Founder Klassen's Birth, but with the excellent article above, I'll leave that honour to Brother S.

Brother S.' article has been copied to the Main Website at

Archived Video: Ben Klassen Speaks on the Centenary of Adolf Hitler's birth in 1989

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