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Author Topic: Hardy Caroll Lloyd Threatens Jihad on Creators

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Re: Hardy Caroll Lloyd Threatens Jihad on Creators
« Reply #10 on: 11 December 2018 at 16:44 »
Racial Greeting from Texas,
This will be my last post on this Hardy and woman, (Who I had even given some thought was Wayne wearing a wig) He was not ever a creator in my eyes, and I said so on many occasions to Brother Cailen, when he called me and asked me to issue him new certifications as per Brother Cailens orders, I refused to do so and told him that all prospective members had to fill out applications and be processed. I had a lawyer check on his background and find out why someone from Pennsylvania was doing time in a "RAT" camp in Texas, as people do time in there home state, unless they have signed a statement... As far as I am concerned he need to be placed on our list of Rats! The boy is delusional and did no time for anything other than being Stupid! He never has fought not one person in real life, and is listed as a 5'7" 160 pound White Boy who by his on admission befriended the mud's to make it in the joint. One thing we know for sure, he never got in any fights in the joint, or he would of been shipped, all of his bad a$$ attitude is made up in his own imaginary mind! But as good creators, we must look past this boy and move forward with our mission to make this a Whiter and Brighter World for future Generations of the White Race...23/23 RaHoWa!!
23/23 RaHoWa!
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Re: Hardy Caroll Lloyd Threatens Jihad on Creators
« Reply #11 on: 16 January 2019 at 09:10 »
In case anyone has misunderstood and thought that race-traitor Hardy Caroll Lloyd is a harmless loony playing with words like "Jihad", Wake the F. Up! His latest is an open threat of murder.

Quote from: Private
Why I Declared Jihad on the Creativity Alliance
By Hardy Caroll Lloyd; leader of the {multi-racial} Order of National-Socialism

Extract: First I need to explain to infidels and non-Aryans what it means to make a declaration of Jihad. This is a very ancient, very powerful declaration! Once made it must be followed through come what may. If you shy away from such duties you forsake your soul. So to make this deceleration is a serious commitment. It must NEVER EVER be made unless you fully intend to implement these actions!

When one declares Jihad one is honour bound to commit any act against said object no matter the consequences. So, if I ever meet a CA member, of what few there actually are (*), I have to set upon them no matter who ends up dead. No matter what the aftermath yields. One of us isn't walking away. And you MUST ACT, too. No matter the cost, no matter the price, YOU MUST KILL!! Or else your soul burns and the Ancestors devorce themselves from you for all eternity.

Before I declared Jihad on the entire Creativity Alliance I thought it over long and hard. But duty requires me to sacrifice to destroy that which is the enemy of our Race. And so I made the formal declaration. Which means that no matter the cost to myself, or even to my loved ones, if I run in to any of those filth they better have a gun.

That's the only important bit. As for the rest it's just the traitor's standard lunacy and not even worth considering.

So, the challenge is on; it's either kill the traitor or be killed. We did not make the challenge. We are dealing with a murderous lunatic that the JOG uses against White Activists and only reins in when the Jew gets hot under the collar about it.

And does anyone seriously need more proof that the race-traitor Hardy Caroll Lloyd works for the JOG? After all, it gets away with threats of murder while it's on parole, doesn't it? It spends its prison time in protection, doesn't it? It has a history of reporting other White prisoners to the JOG, doesn't it? It treats niggers and Mestizos with respect, doesn't it? It never says much about Islam, and on the whole, not much either about the Jew - all it has ever done is put out a few flyers that pissed off some particularly sensitive Jews. ... But White Activists? It has threatened with violence and murder, it has abused, it reports to the JOG - and it gets away with it. That is the very definition of a JOG agent. That is the very definition of a RACE-TRAITOR.

Creators, stand your ground. You have the legal right to resist being murdered at the hands of a lunatic.

The Traitor's Profile in the Forum:
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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