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Title: Whites Making Fools of Themselves
Post by: Private on 03 June 2020 at 13:11
I love my Race. And it sickens me to see these Race traitors making fools of themselves and especially our great White Race by kneeling down to the inferior black plague.


BLM streamer forces white girls to their knees because ‘white privilege’

ByShawna Masiello
June 3, 2020

Video shows BLM YouTube streamer approach white girls on the street and force them on their knees to worship him and admit they have ‘white privilege’.

YouTuber known as Smooth Sanchez — who seems to be trolling — claims to be ‘working’ for Black Lives Matter and that white people who do not get on their knees ‘do not show solidarity’ for the movement.

In a shocking 2-hour livestream Smooth Sanchez harasses and targets white ladies and forcing them to kneel before him to show ‘solidarity’ to the Black Lives Matter cause. He claims to represent the ‘Black Lives Matter Foundation’ and that failing to kneel before him his a racist.

Most women who Smooth Sanchez approaches to don’t hesitate to kneel down before the him, obviously in fear of being called racist and slandered online.

The YouTuber who seems to be of Latin-American descent claims to, allegedly as a joke, be a member of the ‘Black Lives Matter Foundation’ and this his boss has asked him to ‘approach white people and get them to kneel before him to show solidarity for their cause.’

Latin-American BLM YouTube streamer targets white girls only and forces them to apologise for ‘white privilege’ and beg for forgiveness.

Albeit being a possible troll Smooth Sanchez is taking advantage of a very troubling issue. The United States has seen nationwide protests, and even violent riots, to ‘fight against fascist racists.’ White people are seen watching the protests from the sidelines and not actively engaging are targeted and violently attacked.

Dirty Sanchez would chase after the girls who refused to kneel before him pointing his finger and shouting, “hey everyone, she’s a racist white supremacists!”

The BLM YouTube livestreamer was accepting donations during his livestreams and majority of his comments were degrading women and commenting by talking about their weight, breast size, and making sexually charged comments about them.

The ‘submitting to the black kings’ action existed before the BLM 2020 riots. Last year a video went viral showing the Black Hate group intimidating ‘inferrior white people’ into kissing their dirty shoes to prove that they aren’t racist.


Title: Re: Whites Making Fools of Themselves
Post by: Private on 03 June 2020 at 14:58
Wiggers (like the one yelling the prayer) make fools of themselves everyday, this one has convinced a few of his fellow race traitors to join him.
The kneeling is inspired by the 'black Hebrew Israelites'.
Title: Re: Whites Making Fools of Themselves
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An Australian model has opened up on the terrifying moment she was forced to barricade herself in her bathroom when looters smashed their way into her New York apartment block

As race riots plague the U.S. in the wake of George Floyd's horrific death, Georgina Burke said she was 'alone and terrified' at 4am on Monday when she woke to the sound of rioters breaking through the front door of her building.

The 28-year-old, who is originally from Brisbane but has lived in New York City for 10 years, said feeling the building 'shaking and vibrating' was a frightening experience

'I was in shock, I had my parents on my laptop on Facetime while I was getting a play by play of the rioting from my downstairs neighbour,' she told The Courier-Mail.

Ms Burke, who lives alone, locked herself in the bathroom, shuddering at the prospect of hoards of strangers bursting into her home

'Your mind just screams: "What is going to happen to me? Is this real? Can I wake up from this horrible movie? What would I do to defend myself if ten men came through my door?",' she said.

Luckily she didn't meet that fate. 

Emergency crews pulled up to the front of the building and the mob dispersed.

Ms Burke ran outside to find the windows at the entrance to the apartment block completely smashed up

When she asked if a police car could stay out the front of the building as a precaution, she said officers laughed in her face.

'This isn’t Australia darling, get upstairs and barricade yourself in your apartment,' she said they told her.

Ms Burke said living in New York - America's epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic - was terrifying enough without having to endure violent protests.

She described horror scenes on the streets of the city where refrigerators holding the dead bodies of coronavirus victims were in one direction, and the skeletons of burnt businesses were in the other

Despite fearing for her life on Monday night, Ms Burke said she supports the protests, but doesn't condone violence.


That’s what you can expect from this hipster generation! Niggers can’t do anything peacefully! They are:- hot headed, child like, violent and corrupt!
Title: Re: Whites Making Fools of Themselves
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The video here of the white girl looking for atonement for being white and kissing the feet of Niggers is just the most appalling white guilt I ever saw!

If everybody behaves like this ... like what hope have we got?

Title: Re: Whites Making Fools of Themselves
Post by: Private on 26 June 2020 at 01:43
Prime example of a mind polluted White aiding and abetting one of the most dangerous enemies of our Race.

The White Man's Bible:
Recognizing Your Enemies - A Matter of Life and Death


White DC protester seen yelling in faces of black cops in viral video: 'They're a part of the problem'


A white female protester was filmed yelling in the faces of two black male police officers in Washington, D.C., Tuesday in a viral video that has been viewed more than 2.1 million times, telling them that "they're a part of the problem."

The video was tweeted by Henry Rodgers, a senior congressional correspondent for The Daily Caller, who has been covering protests in the nation's capital since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

“Why don’t you take off your uniform? Are you afraid of police?” the white woman, wearing a baseball cap and facial covering, yells at two black officers in a police line stretching across the street in the newly renamed Black Lives Matter plaza.

Rodgers, who is filming the altercation, interjects: “I have a question for you. You’re white and you’re telling this to two black police officers? Don’t you see the problem with that a little bit?”

“No, I don’t,” she responds. “Just because I’m white and I haven’t experienced racism myself doesn’t mean I can’t fight for justice.”

“They’re a part of the system. They’re a part of the problem,” the woman continues, referring to the officers. “Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the problem. I’m allowed to say this to whoever. Because I’m white, racism is a white person’s problem.

“Racism is my problem. I need to fix this,” she continues. “That’s why I’m here. I’m talking to all of them. Black, white, f****in’ brown, purple. I don’t give a sh**”

Another video filmed by Emily Jashinsky, a culture editor for the conservative online magazine, The Federalist, showed the exchange from a different angle.

Jashinsky captured a second moment when the same protester approaches a black female officer, telling her to “Smile for Breonna Taylor.” The woman points her cell phone in the face of the police officer, who does not respond and remains expressionless.

“Smile,” a white woman (in lululemon) tells a black cop,” Jashinsky tweeted.

Rodgers shared an additional video of other protesters in D.C. calling for police officers to be poisoned. The edited clip appeared to be originally shared by the conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA.

Hundreds of troops with the Washington, D.C., National Guard have mobilized to protect monuments in the nation's capital, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News on Wednesday.

Protesters have targeted statues and other historical markers during ongoing demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd's police custody death in Minneapolis at the end of May. In a protest at the D.C. Emancipation Memorial Tuesday, one demonstrator announced that on Thursday they would tear down the memorial's statue of Abraham Lincoln standing over a freed slave.

President Trump warned Tuesday morning that anyone caught vandalizing monuments or any other federal property would be subject to arrest and face up to 10 years in prison under federal law.

On Monday, protesters attempted to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square by the White House, and defaced it with the phrase "killer scum," Reuters reported. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, who visited Lafayette Square afterward to witness the destruction, said the country “will not bow to anarchists," and that "law and order will prevail, and justice will be served.”

The Lincoln Memorial and WWII Memorial were also defaced in earlier protests.

Another reporter for The Daily Caller, Shelby Talcott, said she was swarmed and shoved by protesters near the White House on Monday night before police stepped in to protect her.
Title: Re: Whites Making Fools of Themselves
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One sick bastard. Knowing his future, I look forward to hearing that he was battered to death by a so-called Person of Color for waving his NIGGER CERTIFICATE around  :ok