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Author Topic: Scrabble Turns Anti-White

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Scrabble Turns Anti-White
« on: 06 July 2020 at 11:03 »
Lucky my version of Scrabble is RSVP Scrabble. I think RSVP stands for Racial Socialist Virtual Politic Scrabble. At least that's how I play RSVP Scrabble ...

Scrabble community discusses banning racial slurs from the game as part of crackdown on hate speech that could also condemn words like ‘wrinklies’ to the scrapheap

 * Offensive terms can still be used to score points in Scrabble contests in Britain
 * But the World English Scrabble Players Association will discuss the 'thorny' issue
 * It comes after the association's American counterpart planned to ban 238 slurs

White is Right

Traditionally, the meaning of words does not matter, instead the focus is on whether the word is correct according to a Collins English Dictionary.

However the Official Scrabble Words - otherwise known as the Scrabble Dictionary - is the ultimate authority of eligible words, but includes homophobic slurs such as the 'q-word' and racist terms such as the 'W-WORD'.

~ They mean WOG, but WHITE is no doubt on the list.
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