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Author Topic: Israel demands to be recognised as Jewish Racial State

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Re: Israel demands to be recognised as Jewish Racial State
« Reply #5 on: 15 October 2010 at 23:21 »
I heard Jews in the media boasting recently that they are actually probably the third most powerful country in the world after the USA and Russia. in terms of nuclear weapons they probably have upto 700 by now. It makes the world a more deadly place than when Ben Klassen wrote NER in 1973. The Jews now have the capacity to  wipe out much of the muslim world or Europe as mentioned in one article.
What can be done? I suppose israel is so powerful it can't now be got rid of ( except by another super power prepared to suffer a nuclear retaliation) 
Remember though the physical destruction of Israel  was never in Creativity doctrine. The Jews are not wanted in the White world in our Religion and Jewish influence is to be banished but the only hostile action able to be delivered on a Jewish state would be to let it wither on the vine rather than open hostility to it.

Lets just hope Iran hurries up with those nuclear missiles.  Or even a backpack, hand that bad boy over to Hamas and let them take it right in the middle of Tel Aviv, they are good with the suicide bombings. 

Exactly. The way to destroy israel and the jews is on the ground in the middle east. There are almost that many palestinians as there are jews on that territory, plus the other arabs in surrounding countries. Only a ground attack from all sides by a massive fighting force would wipe out the jews in the middle east. Anything else could potentially be destructive for the rest of the world as it is the case, they do have nuclear weapons. Instigating that kind of war between arabs and jews would keep Whites on the officially on the sidelines and out of harms way 

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Re: Israel demands to be recognised as Jewish Racial State
« Reply #6 on: 16 October 2010 at 01:05 »
Israel has already stated that if they are under threat and are not assisted by the White "Western" nations, they will nuke Western Europe, beginning with Germany, France and Britain. The further threat is if any of the European nations have a problem with this, the US will dissolve NATO and cut all political and trade agreements with Europe, and side with Israel. The only way to prevent it is a first strike by covert ground forces.

Nuke Israel!

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