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Author Topic: Gaming: Ubisoft Far Cry 5 Promotes White Genocide

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Gaming: Ubisoft Far Cry 5 Promotes White Genocide
« on: 17 June 2017 at 07:54 »
The same mainstream media that has denounced so many of our small-scale games killing Niggers and Kikes tells the world that promotion of White Genocide in the mainstream gaming world is perfectly okay.

On the good side, we've now got the mainstream media openly talking about White Genocide. It's a beginning ...

Ubisoft has defended criticism for containing political themes and real-world issues in Far Cry 5

Royce Wilson | Fox News (Australia) | 17 June 2017

Extract: The antagonist is religious doomsday cult leader Father Joseph Seed, his underbosses, and followers members of the Edens Gate congregation — and you are a deputy sheriff who’s had quite enough of their shenanigans.

The cult is taking over Hope County and it’s up to you to defeat them and help reclaim the area with the help of some colourful local residents.
Besides the detailed frontier settings, extensive armouries and exotic locations, the Far Cry games have always been completely bonkers and this noble tradition is set to continue in the series’ sixth instalment.

The choice of setting and antagonists has caused a lot of controversy, particularly from the sort of people who are statistically likely to unironically wear clothing with “Make The Country Between Canada and Mexico Great Again” on it.

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