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"Patriot Front Leaks: Rape Gangs Are Good if They Only Target White Girls & All Females Should be Property Under White Sharia"

Maybe some people would assume that they have changed their ways and ideology, but this would be completely incorrect.

Patriot Front pretends to have great OpSec, which is why no one knows who the masked men are, but their Discord server was infiltrated by Antifa group Unicorn Riot, which published a bunch of their conversations, which included some telling audio.

In the first clip, members talk about how women should not be allowed to vote, which is a common talking point on the “far right.” They then discuss how raping girls is acceptable “as long as you’re raping, like, people in your own race” and then they go on to talk about how their “ethnostate rape gangs” would be allowed to go after any unmarried females who do not follow their version of “traditional values.”


This is not a case of just a few bad apples. This is the ideology of the organization. There is no room for any “White sharia” bros in our fight for White survival. These people should be considered the enemy.

Warn everyone you know to stay as far from Patriot Front as possible.

I don’t care if these guys are feds, moronic incels, or whatever. Anyone who promotes this group should be shunned and disavowed.

These scumbags are clearly controlled opposition, I remember when they started this BS around 2014 or 2015, I personally think they should be avoided at all costs these losers will land you a 25 to Life sentence, hopefully people from Team White will target them, one can only hope.


Way too well organized, untouched, scores of people on the spot.  Hope I'm wrong.

Creativity had swarms of those kind back under Hale. Some talked about raping White women who were alone and were immediately shunned by all. Another lot/the same ones learned to instead openly talk about having Nigger and Gook sex slaves. They were acceptable for Hale, but not for me. Both lots, along with the related Nazi Leather Fetishist Fags have been kept out of the Creativity Alliance.

Add to the list retarded Skinheads who are Skinhead First and will rat you out to a SHARP or stab you in the back to impress their brother neo-Nazi Wigger Skin because when it all comes down to it, THEY are Skinheads, YOU are not. And then there are the Personality Cultists - fruitloops that wanted to pray to Hale and worshipped his every word.

I wouldn't normally call any of the above Controlled Opposition, but I will admit that those kind are easily infiltrated and led further astray by JOG agents. No self discipline. They talk shite in order to impress. The fact is, they are not your brothers.

Consider all of them together and understand how much we've done to clean up Creativity after Matt Hale's mess. Creators, stay away from Patriot Front. Even if it's all an antifa scam, we are not friends with Patriot Front, and we do not work with any of the individuals within Patriot Front. So what have we got to lose by avoiding Patriot Front?

--- Quote from: THE CREATIVITY ALLIANCE POLICY STATEMENT 2008 ---If Creativity is to survive and thrive as a religion for White people, it must be outside the infighting and riff-raff of the so-called White Power Movement
--- End quote ---

The Church Policy needs updated, but not much has changed. We don't want to mix with White Power Movement riff raff.

There was this skinhead thought he was big time. Was in jail in USA, said he was a stand up White Man, and the boys believed him until his negroid mrs turned up in the waiting room for a visit. True story I'll try find the video and post it.

What can I say these skinheads are reds in disguise. It's very refreshing that Creativity Alliance doesn't accept these bottom of the barrel scrapings - or are they the sludge underneath the barrel. I don't know it's hard to tell.

23 R! for Life.

Let's get 1000% PARANOID!!!

The Proud Boys were run from the top down by the FBI and were such a success in Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States for anti-White MSM and the Occupational Government, that YOUR Democratically Elected Regime has decided to set up its own Patriotic type of Front Organisation - Patriot Front. OK, that's it for my take on total paranoia.

And now, the Lotus Eaters, with their British Conservative Chat Show

Quote from the Lotus Eaters: "It's also suspicious that this website comes up very easily through searches. On Bing, you type in Patriot Front and it's the first result that comes up. Whereas, organisations like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, they tend to get buried, no matter what search engine." ... "Controlled Opposition."

Search Examples

The Most Repeated Comments

--- Quote from: Annette Bennett ---Since when are people allowed to loaded into U-Hauls and driven off? Most states won't let you ride in the back of a truck, let alone a freakin' U-Haul and then to do this in front of the police with no interference, stinks to high heaven
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Matt Kelly ---Wait, the police let a bunch of people pile into the back of UHauls and drive off? Isn’t that pretty damn illegal to pack in the back of a truck without seatbelts? This makes no sense!
--- End quote ---

Watch the video, do the search comparison. Creators, you be the judge.



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