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Author Topic: University Jew Releases Academic Paper on "White Genocide"

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You know what to expect ...

Journal of Genocide Research
ISSN: 1462-3528 (Print) 1469-9494 (Online)
Journal homepage:

“White Genocide” and the Ethics of Public Analysis

A. Dirk Moses
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 A. Dirk Moses (2019): “White Genocide” and the Ethics of Public Analysis,Journal of Genocide Research, DOI: 10.1080/14623528.2019.1599493
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Published online: 29 Mar 2019.Submit your article to this journal View Crossmark data

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Quote from: Private
Muslim and left-liberal commentators do indeed point to the Islamophobia normalized in the mainstream in order to settle accounts with the media’s platforming and even endorsement of propositions that cast Muslims as national outsiders (dual loyalties) and as security risks. For some Australian Muslim commentators, the mass murder in Christchurch is experienced as the culmination of harassment they have endured all their lives, whether in vandalized Muslim school buildings, attacks on veiled women, or other forms of pubic abuse. They are shocked but not surprised by the terrorist attack; it is a potential that has been building for some time and, accordingly, they cast Tarrant as the symptom of the underlying cultural pathology of “white supremacy.” 3 Given the prominence of politicians (even if few in number), like the Australian senator, Fraser Anning, who effectively blame the Christchurch massacre on Muslim immigration, there is plenty for critics to write about.

Certainly, as we will see, there is nothing new in Tarrant’s manifesto, The Great Replacement: Towards a New Society, We March Ever Forwards.4 It is of a piece with familiar far-right thinking – consider Anders Breivik whom Tarrant credits with inspiration and insight – that feeds into the paranoid and apocalyptic slogan of “white genocide.” What is more, his familiarity with Western culture is unlikely to be very deep (what does he really know about Bauhaus architecture that he breezily dismisses?5). Indeed, Tarrant, who admits – or perhaps makes a virtue of – his lack of university education, does not pretend to be sophisticated or erudite. Instead, he shares with members of the far-right the conviction that he has divined the race laws of history that only they understand – and that academics do not. Given this cognoscenti’s conceit, and in view of the academy’s contrasting commitment to communicative reason and critical self-reflection, a journal like this one could be forgiven for not taking Tarrant and “white genocide” very seriously, despite the enormity of his actions. In the esoteric knowledge claims and magical thinking intrinsic to belief in “white genocide,” the academy’s practice of rational analysis and evidence-based demonstration confronts its Other.

More anti-White bullshit:
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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