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March 10 RaHoWa Day
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Feb 21 Founding Day
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Feb 20 Klassen Day
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I agree with you Rev Cambeul. Fags must be killed using pneumatic cattle stunners and thrown into the trash compactors of garbage trucks before being thrown into the furnaces of waste-to-electricity power plants to be used as fuel for electric power generation and the production of ash fertilizer and fly ash concrete strengthener. RaHoWa! White Power!


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It is great news to know that high testosterone badass Rev Joe Esposito is being released in 2023. He is a great asset to the White Power Movement! RaHoWa! White Power!


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Kiddy fuckers are the worst kind of Faggotry. Gassing is too good for them. They need to be crucified.


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R! Rev. Joe free in 23!


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Rev. Cambeul: in response to your comment about Zac Wylde opposing the idea that White Pride is equal to Black Pride. I believe that he is a fucking fag that should be gassed.

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Greetings from Creator P.O.W. Rev. Joel, Michigan Gulag.

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Triumph of the Will - Complete DVD

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Mon 19 Jul 2010

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Triumph des Willens (DVD)

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Pass: Leni Riefenstahl

DVD Covers:

Scene Selection and Breakdown

Scene 1: Arrival In Nuremberg (10:30 mins.)

A. Main titles, in four seperate shots:-

1. "Triumph of the Will"
2. "The Documentary Film of the Reich's Party Congress 1934"
3. "Produced by Order of the Führer"
4. "Created by Leni Riefensthal"

B. Historical background, in four rolling titles, in four seperate shots:

1. "On September 5, 1934, 20 years after the outbreak of the world war".
2. "16 years after the beginnig of our suffering".
3. "19 months after beginning of the German renaissance".
4. "Adolf Hitler flew to Nuremberg again to review the columns of his faithful followers".

C. The Führer's flight to Nuremberg
D. Motorcade from airport to city.
E. Arrival at hotel.

Scene 2: Band Concert And Rally (2:54 mins.)
A. Hitler reviews band concert and rally outside hotel.

Scene 3: Nuremberg At Sleep, Play, And Work (10:27 mins.)
A. The sleeping city.
B. The tent city of soldiers and workers.
C. The folk parade.
D. Troop review.

Scene 4: First Party Congress (9:30 mins.)
A. Greetings of delegates by Rudolf Heß, Deputy Leader of NSDAP.
B. Remarks by NS party leaders (sound bites).

1. Adolf Wagner, Bavarian Minister of the Interior.
2. Alfred Rosenberg, LEader of Foreign Policy Office and Commissioner for Supervision of Ideological Education.
3. Otto Dietrich, Press Chief.
4. Fritz Todt, General Inspector of Highways and Construction.
5. Fritz Reinhardt, State Secretary, Reich Finance Ministry.
6. Walter Darré, Minister of Agriculture.
7. Julius Streicher, Publisher of Der Stürmer and District Leader of Franconia (Mittelfranken).
8. Robert Ley, Leader of German Labour Front.
9. Hans Frank, Reich Minister of Justice.
10. Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda:

"May the bright flame of our enthusiasm never go out. This flame alone gives light and warmth to the creative art of modern politival propaganda. This art arises from the depth of the nation and, in order to search for its roots and find its power, it must again return to these depth. I may be all right to have power that is based on guns; however, it is better and more gratifying to win the heart of a nation and to keep it."

11. Konstantin Hierl, Leader of the Labour Service.

Scene 5: Labour Service Rally (7:03 mins.)
A. Konstantin Hierl introduce Adolf Hitler.
B. Labour Service ceremony of loyalty:

Workers: "Here we stand; we are ready to carry Germany into a new era. Germany!"
Leader: "Comrade, where are you from?"
Worker: "From Frisia."
Leader: "And you, comrade?"
Worker: "From Bavaria."
LEader: "And you?"
Worker: "From the Kaiserstuhl."
Leader: "And you?"
Worker: "From Pomerian, and from Königsberg, from Silesia, from seaside, from the Black Forest, from Dresden, from the Danube, from Rhine, and from the Saar."

C. Hitler addresses workers:
"And you know that not only the hundreds of thousands at Nuremberg are looking at you, but, at this moment, that all of Germany is seeing you for the first time."

Scene 6: Storm Troopers Rally (3:36 mins.)
A. Viktor Lutze adresses storm troopers.
B. Fireworks display.

Scene 7: Hitler Youth Rally (10:04 mins.)
A. Entrance of Hitler and party officials.
B. Address by Baldur von Schirach.
C. Adress by Adolf Hitler:

"And when the great columns of our movement march victoriously through Germany today, I know that you will join these columns. And we know that Germany is before us, within us, and behind us."

D. Hitler's review of youth groups and departure.

Scene 8: Military And Cavalry Review (1:28 mins.)
A. Hitler, Göring, and von Blomberg review display of military, artillery, and cavalry.

Scene 9: Twilight Rally (8:14 mins.)
A. Twilight Parade of flag bearers.
B. Hitler's adress to assembled troops.
C. Parade of flags, banners, standards.

Scene 10: Tribute To War Dead (11:17 mins.)
A. Hitler, Lutze and Himmler pay tribute at war memorial.
B. Hitler reviews parade of storm troopers.
C. Lutze and Hitler adress the storm troopers.
D. Consecration of flags ceremony.

Scene 11: Military Parade (18:04 mins.)
A. Hitler and military and party officials review length parade of troops leaving Nuremberg.

Scene 12: Closing Party Congress (15:10 mins.)
A. Entrance of party offcials and standard bearers.
B. Hitler's adress to congress.
C. Heß's closing remarks:

"The party is Hitler, but Hitler is Germany, just as Germany is Hitler! Hitler! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!"

D. Marching soldiers.
Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 7051, West Lakes, SA, Australia, 5021

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"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned.
When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain.


[Transcribed from the movie by Tara Carreon, The Ralph Nader Library Librarian]

English Language Translations: Peter B. Gushue, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia and Anthony R. Santoro, Ph.D.; Identifications: Anthony R. Santoro, Ph.D.

Triumph of the Will

The Document of the Reich Party Day 1934

Commissioned by order of the Fuhrer

Directed by Leni Riefenstahl

On the 5th of September 1934 ...

20 years after the outbreak of the World War ...

16 years after the beginning of Germany's suffering ...

19 months after the beginning of the German Rebirth ...

Adolf Hitler flew again to Nuremberg to review his faithful followers.

The "old city" or Nuremberg

Motorcade from the airport to the Hotel Deutscher Hof

A bouquet for the Fuhrer

Arrival at the Hotel Deutscher Hof

Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler (Hitler's SS Bodyguard Regiment)

Band serenade and night rally in front of Hitler's hotel

Hitler Youth and German Youth encampment outside the city of Nuremberg

March past of farmers in traditional costume and presentation of the harvest to Hitler

Hitler and Dr. Robert Ley, Reichsleiter and Head of The German Labor Front (DAF-Deutsche Arbeitsfront) ...

review ranks of Labor Front men

Rudolf Hess, Deputy Fuhrer

Viktor Lutz, SA Obergruppenfuhrer and Chief of Staff of the Storm Troopers (SA - Sturmabteilungen) ...

succeeding Ernst Rohm

Dr. Josef Goebbels, Reich Minister of People Enlightenment and Propaganda and Gauleiter of Berlin

Baldur Von Schirach, Reichsjudendfuhrer (Reich Youth Leader)

Congress Hall of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party)

Rudolf Hess, Deputy Fuhrer

I open the Congress of the Sixth Party Day ...

in respectful public memory of ...

General Field Marshal and Reich President Von Hindenburg ...

who has passed into Eternity.

The General Field Marshal is remembered as the first soldier of the Great War.

And thoughts as well to our fallen comrades.

I greet the high representatives of foreign states ...

who by their presence are participating in this day for their political parties.

In sincere friendship the greeting of the Movement is extended ...

especially to the representatives of the Armed Forces here, now under the orders of the Fuhrer!

My Leader:

Around you stand the flags and standards of this National Socialism.

Only when they are threadbare ...

will the people be able to understand ...

by hindsight, the greatness of our time ...

because of what you, my Leader, mean to Germany!

You are Germany!

When you act, the Nation acts.

When you judge, the People judge.

Our thanks is the vow to stand with you ...

in good days and bad ...

come what may!

Reich Minister Dr. Paul Josef Goebbels

Thanks to your leadership, Germany will be attainable as the homeland.

Homeland for all Germans in the world.

To us you were the guarantor of victory.

To us you are the guarantor of peace!

Adolf Hitler: Hail Victory!

Hail Victory! Hail Victory!

From the proclamation of the Fuhrer read by Wagner

Adolf Wagner, Gauleiter of Munich Upper Bavaria Adolf Bavarian Interior Minister & SA-Obergruppenfuhrer

No revolution that seems to be permanent ...

can lead to anything other than complete anarchy.

So the World will not live at war.

So also the people do not live on revolution.

Nothing on this earth that has lasted for thousands of years ...

was assembled in mere decades.

The largest tree also has the longest period of growth.

What braves the centuries ...

will also be strong through the centuries.

Alfred Rosenberg, Reichsleiter and later Reich Minister for annexed Eastern Territories

It is our unshakeable belief in ourselves ...

that is our hope for the youth ...

to carry on the work which has been put before them in the stormy years ...

of the revolt of 1918 in Munich ...

and which is already part of the entire German nation's history.

Dr. Otto Dietrich, Reichsleiter and Reich Press Chief in Ministry of People Enlightenment and Propaganda

Truth is the foundation ...

on which the power of the press stands in the world.

And that it reports the truth about Germany ...

is the only demand that we place on the foreign press.

Dr. Fritz Todt, Reich General Inspector of Highways and Construction and Minister of Armaments and Munitions

As I speak, work on the Reich Autobahn has begun at 51 locations.

Although this work is in its early stage ...

today there are already 52,000 men on the job ...

and another 100,000 ...

engaged in the work of allied industries.

Fritz Reinhardt, State Secretary in the Reich Ministry of Finance and SA Obergruppenfuhrer

Wherever we look, all around there is building ...

and new creations ...

and activity and life ...

which will continue into the future.

Richard-Walther Darre, Reich Agricultural Leader, Head of Central Office of Race and Resettlement

Maintaining the health of our farmers is the primary foundation ...

for the prosperity of industry ...

for German business and for foreign exports.

Julius Streicher, Gauleiter of Upper Franconia and Editor of "Der Sturmer"

A people that does not protect the purity of its race, goes to seed!

Dr. Robert Ley, Reichsleiter and Head of the German Labor Front (DAF - Deutsche Arbeitsfront)

All our work must be dictated by a single thought --

that the German worker ...

be made an upright, proud and equally entitled national comrade.

Dr. Hans Frank, Reichs Minister of Justice and later Governor General of occupied Poland

As the Leader of the German legal service ...

I can say that, clearly, the basis of the National Socialist State ...

is the Nationalist Socialist Law Code.

And for us our highest leader is also the highest judge!

We know how sacred the principles of these laws are to our Fuhrer.

These Reich laws can assure you, National Comrades ...

that your life and existence is safe in this National Socialist State of Order, Freedom and Law.

Dr. Josef Goebbels, Reich Minister of People Enlightenment and Propaganda, Gauleiter of Berlin ...

and later General Plenipotentiary for Total War

May the bright flame of our enthusiasm never be extinguished.

It alone gives light and warmth ...

to the creative art of modern political propaganda.

This comes from the depths of the People ...

and from these depths of the people ...

it must always again find its roots and its strength.

It may be good to possess power based on strength ...

but it is better to win and hold the heart of a People.

Konstantin Hierl, Reichsarbeitsfuhrer, Head of the German Labor Service

Today, the German people are spiritually and soulfully ready ...

to undertake their obligation in the general Labor Service.

We have the Fuhrer's orders!

Reich Labor Service Review before Hitler

My Leader:

I wish to present 52,000 RAD men for your inspection.

Hail, Men of the Labor Service!

Shoulder spades!

Spades at ease!

Here we stand.

We are ready ...

to carry Germany into a new era.


Comrade, where do you come from?

From Friesenland

And you, Comrade?

From Bavaria

And you?

From Kaiserstuhl

And you?

From Pomerania

And from Konigsberg

From Silesia

From the seacoast

From the Black Forest

From Dresden

From the Danube

From the Rhine

And from the Saar

One People!

One Leader!

One Reich!


Today we work together ...

in the swamp.

We work in the swamp.

And in the sand.

We dam the North Sea.

We plant trees.

We build roads ...

from town to town, and city to city.

We provide the farmer with new soil ...

forests and fields, land and bread ...

for Germany.

We didn't stand in the trenches.

Nor were we under the shell fire of grenades ...

and still we are soldiers.

Sharpen the hammers ...

axes, pick axes and spades!

We are the Reich's young manhood!

As once at Langemarck ...

at Tannenberg ...

before Luttich (Liege) ...

before Verdun ...

on the Somme ...

on the Ahne ...

in Flanders ...

in the West ...

in the East ...

in the South ...

on land, on water, and in the clouds.

Comrades, who were shot by the Red Front and Reactionaries ...

You are not dead!

You live in Germany!

My Labor Service Men.

For the first time you are presented for review in this forum ...

before me and before the German people.

You represent a great idea ...

and we know that for millions of our national comrades ...

physical labor will no longer be a divisive concept.

But it will instead bind us together and, furthermore ...

no longer will it be the case in Germany ...

that physical labor will be seen as anything less ...

than any other work.

The whole nation passes through your school.

The time will come when no German ...

can be admitted into the community of the people ...

until he has first become a member of your group.

And you know that today you are not only being seen ...

by the thousands in Nuremberg, but by all of Germany ...

which also sees you here for the first time today.

And I know that just as you serve this Germany proudly ...

all of Germany today will see its sons marching in you with proud joy!

Viktor Lutze, S.A. Chief of Staff at SA Night Rally

Hail Victory! Hail Victory! Hail Victory!


Many of you here tonight knew me ...

as an SA man ...

marching in the rank and file ...

in the first years of the Movement.

And Party Comrades, just as I was an SA man then ...

so I am still an SA man today!

We SA workers will always be true only to the Fuhrer ...

and fight for the Fuhrer.

Hitler Youth and German Youth Rally at the German Stadium

Hitler and Baldur von Schirach, Reich Youth Leader

Reich Minister Dr. Paul Josef Goebbels

Martin Bormann, Secretary to the Fuhrer and Head of the Party Chancellory ...

SS Adjutant Schaub, Hitler, SA - Adjutant Bruckner

Hitler and Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess

Hitlerjugend Marsch (The Hitler Youth March -- Adolf Hitler to Thee)

Baldur Von Schirach, Reichjugendfuhrer (Reich Youth Leader)

My Leader!

My Comrades!

We live again for this hour which makes us proud and happy.

According to your command, my Leader, a youth stands here ...

a youth that knows neither class nor caste.

The young generation of our people follows after you.

Just as you demonstrate the highest self-sacrifice in this Nation ...

so does this youth wish to be selfless.

Because you embody the concept of fidelity for us ...

therefore we wish to be faithful.

Adolf Hitler, the Leader of German Youth, attention!

My German youth.

After one year I can greet you again here.

You standing here today represent something ...

that is happening all over Germany.

And we want that you, German boys and girls ...

will absorb everything that we wish for Germany.

We want to be one people ...

and through you, to become this people.

We want a society with neither castes nor ranks.

And you must not allow these ideas to grow within you.

We want to see one Reich!

And you must educate yourselves for this.

We want this people to be obedient ...

and you must practice obedience in yourselves.

We want this people to be peace-loving ...

but at the same time to be courageous.

And you must for that reason, be both peace-loving ...

You must be both peace-loving and strong.

We want this people not to become soft ...

but to become hard and, therefore ...

you must steel yourselves for this in your youth.

You must learn sacrifice ...

and also never to collapse.

Whatever we create today ...

whatever we do ...

will all pass away ...

but in you Germany will live on.

And when we can no longer hold ...

the flag that we tore from nothing ...

you must hold it firmly in your fists!

And I know that it cannot be any other way ...

as we bind ourselves together.

For you are flesh of our flesh and blood from our blood!

The same spirit that governs us ...

burns in your young minds.

And when the great columns of the movement ...

sweep through Germany today ...

then I know that you will close ranks ...

and we know that Germany lies in front of us ...

Germany marches within us ...

and Germany follows behind us!

Air Marshal (later Reichsmarschal) Hermann Wilhelm Goering, Hitler ...

and Minister of War General Werner Von Blomberg, review units of the Reichswehr

Ride by the 18th Cavalry Regiment and modern armored cars and gun caissons of the Reichwehr

Night Rally of Political Leaders

Architect Albert Speer's "Sea of Flags" ...

and "Cathedral of Lights" on Zeppelin Field.

A year ago ...

we met for the first time on this field,

the first general review of political leaders ...

of the National Socialist Party.

200,000 men have assembled here.

They are not here at the summons of their hearts alone ...

but also at the summons of their loyalty.

It was the great calamity of our people that drove us to the struggle ...

brought us together ...

and left us greater.

Those who do not understand ...

have not experienced the same calamities among their people.

These things appear enigmatic and mysterious ...

that hundreds of thousands would be led to assemble ...

amidst calamity and passion.

Others cannot understand ...

that this is not an order of the State!

They are deceiving themselves!

The State does not order us!

We order the State!

The State did not create us!

Rather we created our own State!

No, the movement lives ...

and it is grounded hard and fast.

And as long as one of us can draw a breath ...

he will give his strengths to the movement ...

just as it was in yesteryear.

Then drum will join drum ...

flag will join flag ...

group will join group. Gau to Gau ...

and after that, this earlier divided people ...

will follow these sacred columns of the Nation.

It would be an outrage if we were to lose ...

what we have fought for ...

with so much labor, so much worry ...

so much sacrifice, and so many privations.

One cannot live faithfully and give up ...

what has given meaning and purpose to one's entire life.

That would not be so ...

if it were not a cardinal command.

And no earthly power gave us that command.

For the God, our God, who created our people, gave us that command!

So it is our vow this evening ...

that each hour, on every day ...

to think only of Germany of the People and Reich ...

and of our German nation!

To the German people! Hail Victory! Hail Victory!

Review of SA and SS and Commemoration of the recent death on August 2, 1934 ...

of Reichsprasident and General Feldmarshall Paul von Hindenburg

Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer-SS and Chief of the German Police, Hitler, and Viktor Lutze, Stabchef-SA

SA, NSKK, and SS Party formations offer an oath of fealty to Adolf Hitler.

Viktor Lutze, Storm Troopers (SA) Chief of Staff

My Fuhrer (My Leader):

Just as we have always done our duty to you in the past ...

so too in the future, we await your orders alone.

And we, Comrades, know only to obey ...

the orders of our Fuhrer ...

and to prove that we have remained true to the Fuhrer.

Our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

Hail Victory! Hail Victory!

SA and SS men.

A few months ago ...

a dark shadow cast itself across our Movement.

The SA and other institutions of the Party ...

had nothing whatsoever to do with this shadow.

They who would believe that a rift has opened in the unity of the Movement ...

deceive themselves.

It stands fast as this block here ...

and nothing in Germany will break it.

And when anyone does harm to the spirit of my SA ...

then the SA will not be harmed ...

but those who do this harm ...

will injure only themselves!

And only a fool or a known liar ...

could think ...

that I would ever disband an organization ...

that took us so many years to build.

My Comrades ...

we stand fast together for our Germany ...

and we must stand fast together for this Germany.

And I hand to each of you the new insignia ...

placing them with confidence ...

in the hands that I see as the most trustworthy there are in Germany.

For in the past you have proven your loyalty to me a thousand times.

In the time to come, it cannot and will not be any different.

And so I greet you as my old, faithful SA and SS men!

Hail Victory! Hail! Hail! Hail!

Honor gun salute of the army to the Party standards

Hitler presents new colors for the assembled Party formations ...

touching each new flag to the Blutfahne, the "Blood Banner" ...

carried by SS-Standartenfuhrer Jakob Grimminger ...

the same man who carried this flag during the abortive Munish putsch of 1923

Hitler's grand review of all paramilitary formations of the NSDAP ...

in Adolf Hitler Platz in front of the Frauenkirche (the Church of Our Lady)

March past of SA Honor Guard units led by Viktor Lutze

Salute of Julius Streicher, Gauleiter of Nuremberg Upper Franconia

Parade of the "Storm Flags"

Grand Admiral Eric Raeder

Hermann Goring in SA uniform

SA Stabchef (SA-Chief of Staff) Viktor Lutze

Hermann Goring and ...

Rudolf Hess take the salute

Max Amann, Reichsleiter in charge of the NSDAP press

Walter Buch, Reichsleiter and Chief Judge of the NSDAP Court

Viktor Lutze, SA Chief of Staff

Dr. Robert Ley, Reichsleiter and Head of the German Labor Front

Gauleiter of Munich and Upper Bavaria and SA-Obergruppenfuhrer Adolf Wagner

Alpine units of the SA Storm Troopers

General Franz Xavier Ritter von Epp, NSDAP Reichsleiter and Reichsstathalter (Governor) of Bavaria

Reich Air Defense League march past

Old Guard SA Feldhermhalle Regiment march past

NSKK (National Socialist Transportation Corps) march past

Gau Standard Bearers march past

Adolf Hitler Platz in the old city center

Reichsarbeitsdienst-RAD (Reich Labor Service) march past

Senior army, police and political officers, including Lieutenant General (later General Field Marshall) ...

Gerd von Rundstedt, salute the Reich Labor Service men in their march past the Fuhrer

Konstantin Hierl, Reichsleiter and Reichsarbeitsfuhrer (Reich Labor Service Leader - RAD)

Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels

Band of the SS (Schutzstaffel) Elite Guard

Obergruppenfuhrer -- SS Julius Schaub, Hitler's personal SS-Adjutant

Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer-SS, leads the march past of the SS

Obergruppenfuhrer-SS Sepp Dietrich, Commander of Hitler's personal bodyguard ...

the Leibstandante SS Adolf Hitler (SS Bodyguard Regiment Adolf Hitler)

Reichsfuhrer-SS Heimlich Himmler salutes the Fuhrer

Willy Liebel, Lord Mayor (Oberburgermeister) of Nuremberg

Himmler and Hitler take the salute of the Leibstandarte - SS Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer's personal bodyguard regiment

Franz Xavier Schwartz, Reichsleiter, National Treasurer of the NSDAP, and SS-Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer

Hitler Youth boy and family watch the parade from an upper story

Crowd anticipates the march past of Hitler's personal bodyguard regiment, the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler

Band of the Leibstandante-SS Adolf Hitler

March past of the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler to Hitler's favorite march, the Badenweiler Marsch

Color guard of the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler, carrying the Fuhrer's personal standard

Army Chief of Staff General Werner von Blomberg ...

gives military salute to the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler units

The parade step of the "Black Guards," the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler

Closing Ceremonies of the Parteltag (Party Day) week of events in the Nuremberg Congress Hall

SS-Standartenfuhrer Jakob Grimminger, carries the Blutfahne (Blood Flag) ...

into the Congress Hall for the closing ceremonies

Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess at the Podium

The Fuhrer speaks:

The Sixth Party Day of the Movement has come to an end.

What appeared like a show of political strength ...

for millions of Germans outside of our ranks.

For hundreds of thousands of fighters ...

it was ultimately more.

The great personal and spiritual meeting ...

of the old fighters and comrades in struggle.

And, perhaps, a cross section of you ...

despite the forced civility of this review of our Party ...

will return with courageous hearts

to the days in which it was difficult to be a National Socialist.

When our Party consisted of only seven members ...

it already had two principles.

First, it would be a Party with a true ideology.

And second, it would be uncompromisingly ...

the one and only power in Germany.

We had to remain in the minority, because we mobilized ...

the most valuable elements of struggle and sacrifice in the Nation ...

which have always been not in the majority, but rather in the minority.

And because these are the racially best of the German nation ...

they can in the proudest self-esteem ...

claim the leadership of the Reich and the people.

The German people ...

and subordinated itself to this leadership in ever-growing numbers!

The German people is happy ...

in the knowledge that a constantly changing vision ...

has been replaced by a fixed pole!

Whoever feels that he is the carrier of the best blood ...

and knowingly uses it to attain the leadership ...

will never relinquish it!

Ludwig Muller, Reichsbischof (Reich Bishop of the United German Evangelist Church)

There is always a part of the people who stand out as really active fighters ...

and more is expected from them than from the millions of national comrades in the general population.

For them it is not simply enough to make the pledge: "I believe!"

Rather, the affirmation: "I fight!"

For all time to come the Party will be the source of political leadership for the German people.

It will in its teaching ...

and was ultimately in its organization hard as steel ...

malleable in its tactics and adaptable in its entirety.

yet it will be a training school like a holy order for political leaders.

It must be shown, however, that all upstanding Germans become Nationalist Socialists.

Only the best Nationalist Socialists, however, are Party Comrades!

Once, our enemies worried us and persecuted us and, from time to time ...

removed the lesser elements from the Movement for us.

Today we must examine ourselves and remove from our midst the elements that have become bad.

And therefore, do not belong with us!

It is our wish and will ...

that this State and this Reich last for a thousand years.

We can be happy to know that this future belongs entirely to us!

When the older ones among us falter ...

the youth will stiffen and remain until their bodies decay.

Only then, if we in the Party with our most obedient dedication ...

become the highest embodiment of National Socialist thought and being ...

then the Party will materialize ...

into an eternal and indestructible pillar of the German people and Reich.

Then our glorious and laudable Army ...

the old, proud, standard bears of our people ...

who are equally tradition minded ...

will champion the Political Leadership and the Party.

And then these two institutions will equally educate the German man ...

and, therefore, strengthen and carry on their shoulders ...

the German State, the German Reich!

At this hour, tens of thousands of our Party Comrades are already leaving the City.

While many of them relive the meeting in their memories ...

still others are already planning the next review.

And again the people come and go and they will be engrossed anew and happy ...

and inspired, for the idea and the Movement live on in our people ...

and with the Movement are symbol of eternity!

Long live the National Socialist Movement!

Long live Germany!

Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess at the Podium

The Party is Hitler!

But Hitler is Germany, as Germany is Hitler!

Hitler: Hail Victory! Hail Victory!

"The Horst Wessel Song"

the NSDAP hymn and unofficial German National Anthem after Deutschland Uber Alles.

Raise the banner

The columns are closed tightly

The SA marches with a peaceful strong step

Comrades shot by the Red Front and the Reactionaries

March in spirit together in our columns

Comrades shot by the Red Front and the Reactionaries

march in spirit together in our columns.

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