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Author Topic: The Line In The Mud

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The Line In The Mud
« on: 06 March 2009 at 07:00 »
Natures Eternal Religion: Page 42

Throughout this book I am going to use the non-scientific term, the "White Race" and for good reasons. I am well aware of the fact that various anthropologists have divided, sub-divided, classified and reclassified the White Race into many branches, and sub-branches. I am well aware of some arbitrary major sub-divisions as Aryan or Nordic, Mediterranean and Alpine. These are then reclassified into a multitude of further branches and mixtures.

Purposely I am avoiding this whole hassle like the plague. To here argue anthropological divisions and sub-divisions is to fall into a vicious Jewish trap. To even use the word Nordic or Aryan in this book is highly divisive. This book was not designed to start the White people arguing among themselves but to unite the whole White Race in the battle against the Jews in particular, and all the colored races in general.

Therefore, the term, White Race, is broad enough to encompass all good members of our race without nit-picking as to which branches are best, or who belongs where. I am well aware that the White Race has some mongrelized fringes. It has many mixtures in its own inner groups, such as Nordic mixed with Alpine, Alpine with Mediterranean, etc. However, it serves no purpose whatsoever to differentiate and create caste systems within the White Race itself. On the contrary, it would be highly destructive and divisive.

Ok.. it makes scense to mebut is it destructive to define a cut off point?  I know, I know, I know. When you see a nig, you just know it's a nig, if you see a chink you know it's a chink (I have been fooled before by a mixed chink with sunglasses before though.), I've seen latino's with white skin and blue eyes and jet black hair.

Below is a skin tone chart I found..  My vote is that "Milk, Vanilla, Latte, and Ginger" wooks aww white to me. The rest are just talking trees.

The Survival Of The White Race Is Here!

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Re: The Line In The Mud
« Reply #1 on: 18 October 2009 at 23:11 »
I'm new, but I think I can throw in a good two cents here. Let me try.
White is white. I have once here a definition, saying that someone who is 7/8 white is considered white, I have seen pro white organizations saying if you are European 3 or 4 generations back you are white, but heres my thing. I like the 7/8's idea, but usually narrow it down more. Or if you can't directly trace back a significant amount of non whiteness.

For example, I am part German. My parents think that there may be some Asian in there because way back when the Huns invaded Germanic peoples and some of my relatives on my German side had some Asian looking eyes.

My mom recalls going to a funeral when she was young, and our family being part Sicilian, everyone came, even relatives we never saw before. She doesn't even know the exact relationship she had to this person, but he was Italian except he had really nappy hair.

As for myself, I have fair skin, blue eyes, and brown hair, and when I was young my hair was extremely blonde. Everyone says I look German. I think it's safe to say I'm 98% white, considering my dad has none of what was on my Sicilian and German side.

Decide for yourself, but be careful, you could exclude every German and Sicilian if you look at it wrong.
But look at it this way, if I tried claiming I was black in Harlem I'd get shot. And where does my loyalty lie? With the white race all the way.  If you called me black or asian i'd be angry. As it said in nature's eternal religion, it is to unite the whole white race, even addressing "mongrelized fringes" as the White Race. By todays standard's people like me, who might have 2% nonwhite blood are explicitly white, and none other. At that point it's not even practical to consider that two percent thats not even totally proven, just postulated. Please share your thoughts, as this is important.

So tell me what you all think.
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Re: The Line In The Mud
« Reply #2 on: 25 September 2010 at 16:40 »
this argument has cropped up the bad old days of the australian founding.........the answer we came up with was simple.........If you look White, If you act White, If you fight White..........then you are White!If you don't then you need to get the hell out .............
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Re: The Line In The Mud
« Reply #3 on: 05 September 2012 at 07:10 »
I found tis website someday :

What you think ? whats is like with race ? I lost...
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Re: The Line In The Mud
« Reply #4 on: 05 September 2012 at 08:58 »
Quote from: Private
If you're 1/8th non-white, and 7/8th White, in most cases you're White.

Every mud and JOG in the world considers a 1/8th non-White to be totally non-White. And being non-White, they are placed in a special category of entitlements that the 100% White does not have. The reality is division between the races based on entitlements and protection under the law. That is the reality that totally exposes the myths of liberté, égalité, fraternité as muds battle for supremacy over Whites.

That site is a load of genetic bollocks.

If you look White, If you act White, If you fight White..........then you are White!

What does everybody else think of it?

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