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Author Topic: Slavery in Haiti

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Re: Slavery in Haiti
« Reply #10 on: 24 February 2019 at 11:06 »
As we know, Creators do not want to enslave anyone.  In business, Creator private owner will not employ cheap non-white worker nor White  commie underman who dream to destroy him.  Creator business is employ White worker without slavery with enough money for keep White family with less children for so-called working class and more for upper class what mean that will robots work what slaves made in past like Matrix movie, society with White planet and not with planet Zion. Many rich class Whites were killed by muds in Africa colonized lands, Haiti if you want, they have White flight form their own mistakes, they did not hear for Creativity I think that if upper class read Creator books, Creativity will be successfull and other races will not never again be dangerous for us. The problem is that many so-called Creators did not know that is Creativity an intellectual movement where will not problems solved by force than by brain.  We do not need poor brain workers as slaves as liberals expect for their capital because We can not have enough good products and as I said before, White inventions are alternative for that who can produce more than such slave workers.
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Re: Slavery in Haiti
« Reply #11 on: 24 February 2019 at 20:31 »
It just depends what you define as “Slavery”.

Everyday I see:- lazy, degenerate, destructive, aggressive Aboriginals .

These people do not have a job and are exempt from searching for one. Instead they get given everything they need on a silver platter courtesy of the tax payer ( the slave of a slave).Housing( that gets vandalised and neglected), food, medical, education ( they show no thanks for).

Royalties from mining companies.

If we stopped the “free for all” and put them in areas where they could be of use and by giving jobs to people that never had one this is “ love” not “slavery”.

They’d need to be disciplined though, through” tough love”.

They have a wild mind set where they nomadically want to go leave the job and go “walkabout”. They haven’t evolved mentally.

However we could put them on exercise bikes and treadmills that generate green energy. In the same way a wind farm generates power.

If you always did what you did then you got what you got. These welfare parasites are backward and have no place in a technologically advanced nation. They need to be disciplined to fit in.

So, what if they break the law? They should be treated as anybody else not a “protected species” just because more advanced races displaced them from a Stone Age existence. Everybody needs to evolve! They certainly won’t, being lazy all day getting stuff for free!
The Price is Reich!

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Re: Slavery in Haiti
« Reply #12 on: 24 February 2019 at 23:36 »
Then if we got an Abo and mixed it with a Thai person we’d get “ Ty-coons”!

HaHa. Get rid of one race to pollute another, I'm good with that plan. As long as we take that money and donate a good percent to the Church. Haha. RAHOWA

ThaiCoon Restaurant:
The slanty-eyed black owners sell you Maccas & KFC they found in the bin
"You wan' flies widdat?"
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