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Author Topic: Outing Ourselves as "Racists" - "White Race in Your Face!"

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Outing ourselves as "RACISTS!" is perhaps what we CREATORS do best.

Some Creators respond with a middle middle finger and others with an heir of disdain when hit with the inevitable, "But that's RACIST!" Other Creators prefer the more menacing, "You got a problem with that?" along with a menacing stare with the very real promise of a violent follow up if the Luni Student or the old hippy degenerate doesn't amscray quick-smart. I prefer to respond with another tried and tested Creator tactic of old; and that is to bombard the accuser with questions you know what the answer will be. The majority of the time, your accuser will leave you in agreement, admit their own genuine racism and leave it at that.

The thing is, you have to remind your accuser that had they opened their mouths up to someone that was a red, a pack of Black Lives Matter hooligans would have crushed their skull in the gutter by now.

And of course, if your accuser is a straight up Red. They will scream and shout to gain attention to themselves. They will scream their provocations. And if you back down, you will be stomped like a nigger in the gutter ... so smack that Red in the head. Smack it straight to the floor, and calmly walk out. Reds typically believe they are well liked, when they are not.

Now, the reason I brought this up is because a young Creator - we'll call him Creator B. - from England has suggested we Creators declare ourselves as Racists with the slogan: "Creativity Out and Proud - The White Race in Your Face."

OK, Creator B. is young and doesn't get that we've been doing the same for decades.

Sloganism? What slogans Creators tend to adopt are not chanted in abortive marches, but adopted by all White Racial Activists across the world. RaHoWa! and the description of the Inferior Mud Races/Mud People/Muds are but two of our slogans.

Out and Proud? Creator B. is young, he's English and he forgets that Creators are plugged into everything Racialist, wherever it is in the world - and YouTube helps. So, according to Dr David Starkey - the pre-eminent British historian thrown out of Oxford University for speaking the truth - fags are no longer outed. These days, Fags just are. Conservatives are "Outed," and according to Dr Starkey, Conservatives should be In-Your-Face Tories/Conservatives/Liberals/Republicans.

For a start, older Creators will understand the whole Out and Proud Racist thing, but no way will they ever claim to be "Out and Proud." Everyone under 25 might get it, but everybody over 40 will question it. And everybody over 50 will reject it - meaning we would push away potential recruits. Let the anti-Whites "Out" us as Racists. Allow the antis to change the vocabulary with the help of their MSM and their government that hates its own people. i.e. You and I and anyone not Left-Wing enough for the Tory - the Conservative - Boris Johnson, the Prime Monster of England. Boris wont just "Out" you as a Racist. He'll send his Blue Niggers on a bended knee around to your home kick down your door and shaft you with their truncheons ... stout Conservative that he is.

That leaves us with ...


The White Race in Your Face

It's as good a response to Black Lives Matter as anything I've heard. If you like it, and it works for you, then use it.



And Now a Lesson For Young Creators:
Do Not Accept Gifts from a Kosher Mouthpiece
Just Use Them

It was the Jew that cracked up with this one
But listen, before you read on ...

The Scottish Nationalist Party/SNP has been around since the 1960's. It was once as Nationalist as the British Nationalist Party/BNP. However, mirroring the changes of the BNP, which is still British Nationalist, but no longer White Nationalist nor anti-Semitic, the the SNP is now a pro-Independent Scotland under the EU, multiculti party with the idea that mass 3rd World Immigration to Scotland will cure all Scotland's woes.

The SNP is both Nationalistic, prepared to give Scotland away to a bigger EU problem, and anti-White. We call that, Marxist.

Dr Starkey says a lot of great stuff that any logical and sane person can use for the exact same intent as he means when he tells you the truth in history; BUT, as a Kosher Con, Dr Starkey is, politically, but a Con.

Still, I do encourage all of you to watch his videos. Unless he's hammering down on BLM today and PC yesterday, Dr Starkey typically sticks to history. And when he says something that doesn't grate with Creativity during his political moments, you'll recognise it easily enough.

Cailen ~ Again.

Meet an older English Creator: Private. A former member of National Front, he understands Nationalism as it really is in Britain today - as purported by Dr Starkey, who here rightly says the SNP is Marxist:

Kosher Conservatives: Nazi or Marxist, they'll swap the labels however it feels and fits ... but the Con remains the same.

Kosher Cons - Use them - and when needed - abuse them. White is Right and Woe to the Inferior Mud Races.

Appetite for Destruction - Or is it Salvation?
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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