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Author Topic: Movie Review: The Klansman (1974) A Hollywood Fantasy

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Movie Review: The Klansman (1974) A Hollywood Fantasy
« on: 23 January 2020 at 12:22 »

A story of outside agitators discovering Where da White womens at: A small southern town has just been rocked by a tragedy - a young White woman has been violently raped. The White town fathers immediately and correctly declare that the attacker had to be Black. It's Coon Shootin' Season, once again.

Meant to be a study in Hate, the Hebe penned Hollywood Krafted Kartoon Klansmen vs all-too-realistic self-righteous Niggers and Libtards makes this movie an accidental comedy.

Screenplay by Millard Kaufman (Duck Search)

Lee Marvin as the 60's Liberal Sheriff
Richard Burton as the Race Traitor/Business Owner that only hires Niggers
OJ Simpson as the Militant Nigger
Linda Evans as the Raped Nigger-Tainted Slut
David Huddleston as the Mayor/Exalted Cyclops/Business Owner that only hires Niggers

Quote from: Private
"I'll tell ya we're not gonna have any trouble from outside agitators, not while I'm mayor. I spoke to the Grand Dragon in Birmingham and he say's the Klan is gonna do nothing so we ain't gonna be bombing no churches [Loud disappointed moans]. I'm the damn Exalted Cyclops and what I mean is this: None of us want a bunch of agitators, whores, punks, scum, atheists, perverts all controlled by the Communists coming in here bothering our Niggers!"

Quote from: Private
Loretta (Nigger Ho): Hey, what are you trying to do?

Garth (OJ): Kick some asses, baby.

Loretta (Nigger Ho): What's the point of busting up a peaceful meeting?

Garth (OJ): What good's a peaceful meeting? It's for them bourgeois Negroes. When you gonna learn anyway that all that marching gonna get you is what you got. Screwed.

Loretta (Nigger Ho): And don't you know you gotta keep violence out of the movement?

Garth (OJ): You know, if I was a Honky I'd want Niggers to all be just like you. Do nothings. Always marching them dumb-ass marches and mouthing them dumb-ass slogans.

Trailer and Full Movie

Or Download as a Torrent:
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