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Lucky find


I was going to work  the other night  and was passing  this  abandoned building next to the highway.  I saw these

big  old  antlers sticking up and  I figured someone hit this deer with a car so I might as well get the antlers.   I  walked

up next to him and  after looking him over, I  saw that a hunter must have shot him in the side.  He was still bleeding

and must have collapsed  in this yard .  The weather was about  28 degrees, so I figured why not process the meat

also  (  I know.. salubrious living, at least it's lean LOL )  .  He  weighed in at about  185 lbs,  10 points.  I  think  my

lungs were bleeding trying to put him in the truck by myself  LOL  . I wound up being  1 minute late for work.  Here's a

few pics :



Very nice 10-pointer! We have a handsome 8-pointer we named Charles up on the wall of our den.

There's nothing wrong with eating game. White man was the hunter long before he was the more salubrious gatherer.,18167,28029&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=10-point+buck&cp=13&qe=MTAtcG9pbnQgYnVjaw&qesig=RhQz4e5IItmGZ_qFEi8NQQ&pkc=AFgZ2tkORN96WJ9fxQE615ZmH8JCOzUKS2y8-GYQoJOa1bl6D_5dn7ChHkfWZSvlpcHxe7L9gg-rg1ZlSsbQz48SFngIHnUzmA&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1263&bih=795

This calls to mind a quote from Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard:

--- Quote ---No nation, no empire, has ever  fallen – no  race has ever been enslaved, because it delighted in manly sports – in
the  hunting  of  boars  and  lions,  and  men  –  in  deadly tournaments –  in dueling –  in prize fighting –  in gladiatorial
combats –  in  scenes of  ‘cruelty  and blood.’ No!   Not  one! (Nature  is cruel – a million  times more cruel  than man ever
was).  But dozens of ‘civilizations’ have perished shamefully, ignominiously, because  of  the  spreading  canker  of  personal cowardice  –  gendered  by  effeminacy,  luxury,  usury, laboriousness, statecraft, superstition, ‘culture,’ and peace.
--- End quote ---

I always eat roadkill. just because many years ago when I trained in survivalism I realised it's something everyone shoud know how to do. Skinning and gutting are things even every kid should also know how to do, just as they do in the third world, agreed squeamishness is a sign of weakness.
I would never kill an animal, unless I had to, I always think it's not good to let some good protein go to waste. there must be enough meat in that deer to last a couple of months.


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