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Author Topic: chink marries feminist....finds out wtf most white men have to put up with

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It was good to read what Varg Vikernes had to say about women.  He is wise about a lot of things.  Not everything - but a lot.

Reverend, the post from a Brother here quoting text from Varg Vikernes has been deleted. We do not support our self declared enemies - no matter whom or what they claim to be. See
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I think some people here are blaming our women for their own bad luck. Many women are warped it is true but they have been warped by jew propaganda, the media, education etc. underneath people still have biological drives such as hunger, sex, family, security and warmth. Creativity has to be female friendly. White people are the only race that has ever treated women decently, something they have never really appreciated. I have known quite a few feminists and been out with a few,  you just have to be reasonable, decent etc. White women are not slaves and cannot be ordered around as such like the muds do. The woman not pouring the tea was the glimmer of hope.
Personally I think most white men are scum. I have three daughters and fear ever finding them a decent man.
I knew one woman feminist who had contracted herpes from a nigger and blamed all men (including WhiteMen)  for it but really she was a victim of the jewish equality lie. So please never blame our women. Our women are sacred and to slander them is the jews work.

Many women are hardened and suspicious of men but a man has to get round this by being loyal, decent, respectful strong and White. A woman should be able to pick up on a White Mans inherent decent character and value him for it. when a woman falls in love with such a man she will do anything for him including adopting his beliefs.


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